Investing in Newcomb Pottery

With the recent record breaking prices and with prime examples routinely selling well into the five figure range, Newcomb pottery ranks among the most sought-after, investment quality art pottery ever produced.  A recent article in Antique Trader reflected on the record setting prices and the long standing investment potential for Newcomb pottery. 

The article quotes David Rago as stating, "For many decades Newcomb pottery has been considered a "blue chip" art pottery." David further indicated in PBS’s  Antiques Roadshow that "the only way Newcomb ware would prove to be a bad investment is either if you were to sell a piece at the wrong time or overpaid for a bad example when you first bought it." Rago goes on to say "Truly, of over 200 period makers of American art pottery, this can be said only of Newcomb pottery".

Below are some tips for investing in Newcomb pottery:

  1. Buy the highest quality piece you can afford.
  2. Buy examples in mint condition without damage or repair whenever possible.
  3. The early high-glazed pieces are considered by most pottery collectors to be the most sought-after.  However, prices for high glazed examples of Newcomb are often well into five figure range and beyond the average collectors/investors price range.
  4. The matte glaze pieces offer a lower price point and solid investment potential and as Rago indicated "the best of either high-glaze or matte Newcomb has been appreciating for nearly 40 years".

Look here for information and photos of Newcomb pottery marks.

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Greg Myroth

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