Weller Pottery Marks (1895 to 1900)

The Weller Pottery factory used a variety of marks over its years of production.  In this post, we will look at trademarks used prior to 1900. 

Lonhuda Pottery (1895-1896) Sam Weller purchased Lonhuda pottery from William Long in 1894.  Lonhuda Pottery was founded in Steubenville, Ohio in 1892.  The first trademark shown below is from a Lonhuda vase produced by Weller in 1895 or 1896.  The second mark is an example of a Lonhuda pottery vase produced between 1892 and 1895 and prior to the purchase of the company by Weller.  The mark shows an impressed outline of an Indian head with Lonhuda written above it.      

Pict0362  Dsc02786

Weller Aurelian (1898-1910)  Weller Aurelian can be found with either a circular stamp trademark or a hand incised mark.  It is believed by many Weller pottery collectors that the hand incised mark was used prior to 1900 and the circular stamp trademark was used after 1900.

Dsc9739 Dscn7733

Weller Eocean (1898-1918) Similar to Aurelian, Weller Eocean can be found with either a circular stamp trademark or a hand incised mark.  The hand incised mark (as shown on the vase on the left side below) was used prior to 1900 and the circular stamp trademark was used after 1900.  The trademark shown on the Weller vase on the right side is marked Weller Eocean in a circular stamp. You will also find examples of Weller Eocean marked Eosian Weller, and Eocean Rose.

Dsc02637 Dsc4093

Weller Dickensware 1st Line (1897-98) The Weller pottery half circle seal as shown on the vase below can be found on examples of Weller Dickensware, Louwelsa, Turada, and Sicard.


Weller Louwelsa (1896-1924) Early Weller Louwelsa can be found with a hand-incised Weller mark as shown on the blue Louwelsa vase in the first photo below.  The second photo shows a vase with the circular seal mark.  The last photo shows the half circle seal trademark which Weller used between 1896 and the early 1900s.

Dsc00793 Dsc07501 Dsc00799

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  1. john clancy says:

    I have a dickensware vase with a golfer on it.it is said that it is weller but the bottom only hase a 9 and what looks to be an x an also what lookes to be an 11. was all weller pottery marked with the word weller or could this be weller?

  2. David Coe says:

    Help! I have a 5″ Plate. Across the top it says: World’s Fair, also: St. Louis. 1904 below it. There’s a rendition of the United States with the letters: L.P.E & 1803 on it. In two lines across the bottem it says: Weller.Pottery, then Zanesville.Ohio under it. On the back it’s simply stampped: WWELLER. I’ve been searching but yet to find wether or not it’s authentic. If anyone out there has any info or where to look I’d appreciate the help.

  3. John,

    The vase sounds like authenic Weller. Not all Weller pottery was marked so it would not be unusual to find your vase unmarked.


  4. Ida Martin says:

    My mother inlaw has a Weller Vase signed on the bottom by Sicardo. She was told it was worth saving. She says it is a tall vase and hasn’t seen anything like it in the Weller Pottery Collections.Can you tell me where I can learn about the piece and it’s worth?

  5. Jeanne Gomer says:

    I have a vase that appears to be a weller triangular foot vase in the Wild Rose pattern. It has an A on it and what looks like a hook shape or maybe just part of the W with the curled part on one side of the W. It is a tan color with some hints of green and pale pinkish or peach cast. It has crazing. Were all these marked Weller or were some reproduced.
    Thanks for your help

  6. mark kallok says:

    Weller vase signed timberlake on the side, hand signed. bottom has hand signed all the way across the bottom “weller”. has anyone ever seen a bottom mark like this? Vas is not fake, came out of an estate and is of the highest grade. light blue vase with flowers 12 inches tall. Great artwork and perfect shape.

  7. Mark,

    The mark on your Weller Hudson vase is a standard mark used by the pottery.


  8. I have just been given a small pot that belonged to my grandmother, a florist in the 1920s-1950s. It is hexagonal, black, with panels of raised grapes and what appear to be rams heads. The bottom has a Weller impression; on the bottom rim, there is a two-letter mark that looks like it was added after firing. I can’t read the first letter; the second looks like a”T.” Does this match the pattern of Weller marks? Is there any way to tell if my pot is a recognized Weller piece?

  9. Jerry Pankey says:

    I have a pitcher with an Indian Chief; Hollow Horn Bear’s profile with full headress.The inscribed artist is E.L. Pickams(sp?)The bottom is marked Dickensware, number 5?0 with the number 12 underneath of this. We can not find any information on this piece regarding its history or value. Ay help is greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards,
    Jerry Pankey
    Grand Jct, CO

  10. Kathleen,

    Your piece of Weller Pottery is from the Roma pattern. Roma was produced between 1914 to 1920s.


  11. Jerry,

    The artist of your piece of Weller Dickensware is Edwin L. Pickens. Mr. Pickens decorated various Weller pottery patterns including Dickensware, Perfecto, and Eocean.


  12. I received a vase from my grandmother’s friend and want to know whether it’s a real Weller piece. I do not believe it is but want to make sure. It’s peach colored with a faded green on the sides and flowers on it. It has Weller stamped on the bottom in the hand drawn design and a K stamped on the bottom as well. It also has an E painted on the bottom in a red color but that may have been someone else’s work.

  13. Kim Goodson says:

    I have a heavy umbrella stand, with 7 ladies in lavender and they are side by side…vines and shrubbery on tops and bottoms. Says Weller on the bottom. 20 some inches high. Can anyone tell me about my umbrella stand, what year it was made and by whom? I inherited it and was thinking of getting it appraised. I have had it for years and did not know it was a Weller.

  14. Debora Watson says:

    We have a bulbous pear shaped, 3-legged, matte green vase, with little leaf wing handles. It is about 7″ tall and squatty. It is marked ‘Weller Pottery’ in incised script on the bottom. I cannot seem to find a reference to this mark in my web search, and want to verify it as Weller before offering for sale.

  15. Judy Nicholson says:

    I have a cup/mug/that has Louwelsa Weller’s name written on the bottom, also x562. The mug have the same paint pattern as the golfer, but this one has 3 cherries and 3 leaves. Can you give me any info on this mug? I am from SE Ohio and have been around Roseville pottery most of my life. Love to stop in Zanesville to see the pottery.

  16. Hi, I recently found a matte green low bowl. It is hand turned with an acorn mark with either the letters o p or o t p there is a mark between the two letters. thanks for any info you may have. Jim

  17. Looking for information on this vase.
    I seem to remember someone calling this pattern “Hidden Daisy”, have you ever heard of that?
    It has a nice old matte green finish & shows only 1/2 of each flower.
    The bottom is marked “Weller Pottery since 1972”.
    Any help appreciated, Thank You!

  18. John Dadak says:

    Hi! I have a wall hanging in pottery of an Indian Chief in full headress. It is 7.5 inches in diameter and the facial features projects outward about 2.5 inches. Incised on the back are the letters “JM” and what appears to be a slanted “8”. There is also a number “5983” below the initials. Any help in identifying the pottery maker of this piece would be most appreciated. Thank you.

  19. Mary Allen says:

    I have an ivory glaze double candle holder signed by hand “Weller Pottery”. It was given to me by my grandmother.
    I was damaged and repaired by her.
    Can you give me any information on
    candle holders made by Weller Pottery?

  20. Kathleen Thrush says:

    Correction on my above post…The vase is marked” Weller Pottery since 1872″ (Not 1972)!
    Still looking for info on a pattern that I was told was called Hidden Daisy..,

  21. Chris Horst says:

    I have a Weller vase, 10 1/2″ tall; 5″ at widest point, fluted top; small handles at top; a light, muted blueish-green in color; two white flowers with two leaves on a branch on one side; marked on the bottom with F-9 but the bottom of the 9 is very hard to discern. Any idea when this was made and where?

    Chris Horst

  22. Brad Zaryki says:

    I have a lonhuda pottery it is a small double handle vace dark green and brown with tulips with small chip on handle small chip on rim and flake and a flake in glazing any idea who may have an intrest I had found an exact picture of this piece in the schoders antique price guide from 1997 for 600.00 any info you may have will be a great help would like to sell

  23. Chris,

    Your Weller vase is from the Floral pattern and was produced around the late 1930s.

  24. Mary Aghabekian says:

    Are the words Utopian and Owens connected to early Weller pottery?

  25. Mary,

    Owens was a separate pottery company from Weller. Utopian is a line of pottery made by Owens. Utopian was a standard glaze pattern similar to Weller Louwelsa or Roseville Rozane.

  26. I have a Weller Hudson vase that is marked “D.L.” or “B.L.” Any idea who this might be? (It is marked under the glaze near the bottom edge.) I also have 3 other vases, one with “A” and the other two – a pair – with an “X” in what looks to be brown or maybe it used to be red ink, on the bottom of the vases. Is there any significance to these letters? Thank you!

  27. I am trying to identify this piece of indian pottery. Any help would be appreciated.

  28. Rebekah says:

    I have a cornucopia vase, it looks like a hand written weller on back, mat green with #12 on it.

  29. marie pokorny says:

    I have two pottery plaques,they are political? one says mm weller sen’ giving parental advice and Sam Weller commensing to shine,they show a picture of them,the dates are AD 1908 on the back says cc Borne.copyright made in England. Please help me to identify,and is this Weller?

  30. My mother in law just gave me a piece of Weller. It is a little bowl that was maybe used as a flower pot or something, it has a raised white flower on the front with some vines, on the bottom it has weller, then what looks like an E. Any ideas how old this piece is what the E stands for?
    Take Care, and thank you…

  31. Sherry Ferrebee says:

    I have a vase (water pitcher?)It is a white/gray bowl on lower half, red glaze on the upper half with the neck slightly bowed. It has a hand written signiture (Weller) drawen in to the clay and then stamped Sinice 1827.

  32. Janice Huff says:

    I found a cream colored, approximately 6 to 8 inch vase which is marked WELLER in block letters on the bottom. The decoration looks like a rosary hanging down the side. Any information on this would be helpful. I have not been able to find it by searching on my own.



  33. Janice,

    The pattern sounds like Weller Roma.

  34. john wilt says:

    I have a Weller Louwelsa indian vase with an indian chief in full headdress by Levi Burgess about 14 inches tall, brown glaze. Any ideas who the indian may be?

  35. william fitzgibbons says:

    I recently purchased a flowered vase at auction for $125. It is brown/green in color, 3″ diameter base and 7″ tall. The auctioneer claimed that it was Weller; however, the only marks on the bottom are:
    Can anybody confirm whether this is a Weller vase and did I get a good buy?
    Your help is greatly appreciated!

  36. William,

    Your vase isn’t made by Weller. It is Zanesville Art Pottery and the pattern name is La Moro. The price sounds about right for the size of the vase.

  37. Kim Cooper says:

    I have a Louwelsa Weller pottery, 11 1/2″ opening and 10 1/2″ tall; with yellow & orange iris like flowers; great shape but one chip in one of the flower buds; marked on the bottom with handwritten Louwelsa Weller and stamped with #22 with 3 circle stamps. Looking for a buyer and can send pictures of pottery & signture

  38. I have a small Weller vase, about 5 1/2 inches tall, blue with a buttercup floral design swirling up from the bottom. The bottom of the vase is signed in cursive “weller” and R-3. It is in perfect condition. I have no idea how old it is. Can you tell me anything about it?

  39. Jim Rucker says:

    I have a bulbous white vase with a single rose with leaves marked Weller F-1 and a “B “. It is not listed in any Weller reference I can find. It stand about 4-5 inches tall. Do you know which line it is.
    Thanks, Jim

  40. Thomas Guthrie says:

    Hello, I have a Weller vase with Weller Pottery on the bottom in script. It also has a very long serial #, W16018107053 939A. I’m not sure if the 1s are 1s or slash marks. It is 10″ tall but looks bigger because of 22″ circ. Two little, curled handles. Pastel like green on the inside, white on the out with painted flowers and rings around the brim and base. Artist mark looks like a backwards L under a sideways W or M. The only mark it resembles in a book of markings is W.A. Longs. What do you think?

  41. I have a blue wall pocket with a grecion lady and a tree on it. I believe it is Weller, it seems to have a written 9 on the back of the pocket. I would like to know its value and age. Thank you.

  42. I received a pitcher that is light blue with white pansy flowers and green stems. It has a single handle and is about 11 inches tall. On the bottom there’s the initials RM and the name weller. There’s also a brownish black mark that resembles an L. Can you tell me something about it?

  43. I have a WELLER vase that has been handed down to me. It has the word WELLER on the bottom stamped in dark green. The vase has a brown bird that stands out on the side. He looks like he is flying into a nest with brown eyes and a light brown female is there in the grass.The female by the nest and part of the nest stick out too. Can you tell me when this was made and if it is worth anything? I do have a picture I could send. Thanks for your time.

  44. Les Teale says:

    I was just given a fairly large pot that I believe is a Weller. On the bottom you can make out “WELL__”. It just fades out, I assume from wear. It is about 12 inches in diameter, 8 inches high, with three indentations on the inside bottom at the center. It is very plain, light tan in color, with brown stripes. Can you give me any idea of value, history, etc? Thanks. Les Teale

  45. I have a unmarked weller owl with apples woodcraft haning basket I am unable to find it in any books or online anyone ever seen this
    Height 4 1/2″ width 10″ 3 holes for hanging

  46. Alden Anderson says:

    I have a 12″blue vase that has two oak leaves on the front and the acorns are at the bottom back side. The “Weller” mark is on the bottom and there is an initial “A” in black color. The top of the vase is rectangular in shape and one part of the top is a bit higher that the other. HELP!

  47. jennifer says:

    I have a piece of light green tinted pottery stamped WELLER on the bottom, on the front is a portrait of what looks to be President Taft, the initials L.P.E. and 1904, could you possibly help, I cannot find another piece like this. It also has some errors from when it was created (the mold was not perfect), please help!

  48. I have a vase from my grandmother which has the shape of a calla lily, is in light and darker shades of mauve and is inscribed on the bottom Weller 3. Would appreciate any info you could give. What is the value of some of these pieces?

  49. I have two blue cameo 6 1/2″ double handed vases signed Weller with something that looks like either a dark reddish brown A with the top part filled in or a V with the point filled in. It looks like what I’ve seen of cameo ewe vases, but I don’t know the mark.

  50. I have appears to be a planter. It has 4 feet and a band around the top with raised grapes & vines. Greenish color with pink grapes. I have been unable to identify as it has no markings. Brush strokes appear to be same as some of the Weller. Can you help?
    Mary M

  51. My mother has a Weller vase (flower pot). 2 openings with a pinkish flower, leaves, & a vine that goes to the top & forms a handle that seperates the 2 openings. It is signed Weller with a dark reddish brown E on bottom. Can anyone tell me the age & value?

  52. Sydney Helton says:

    I have just purchased a Weller Turada bowl. Does anyone know anything else besided the fact it was only manufactured for a year and that it was discontinued because of easy breakage? I have a small brown glossy bowl with lace like pink/coral edging. It is marked Turada Weller 446. I bought it because it was different and over 100 years old. Thanks, Sydney

  53. anne arnold says:

    Seeking verification of small 5 1/2 inch tall,ruffled, 3 toed blue vase with tree or flower in shades of green. It is marked with the incised Weller in a straight line
    under this is S-1 also incised. A small brown R is on the large W in Weller
    Many thanks for any assistance

  54. MARCIA L. CHARNEY says:





  55. george davidge says:

    I have a Vase with weler pottery
    since 1872

  56. Cindy Cruse says:

    I have a Weller vase that was my Grandmother’s..approx 11″ in height, matte, more of a blue with single stem flower at the top of the vase in a peach color. Stamped Weller on the bottom and no other markings. I have not seen this vase “anywhere” on the net. Any help with identification would be appreciated.

  57. Cathie Miller says:

    I have a jardiniere and base that are stamped WELLER in block letters. It has a figurine riding a fish on the bowl part. There are reins in the fish’s mouth and the figurine (semi cupid) has a forked spear in his/her hand. On the base it has three fish that their open- mouthed heads are at the floor and their tails go up the full length of the base. It has shells and sea looking items. Very ornate in nature. Brown/gold glaze. I cannot find anything about this piece. I would be glad to send pictures.

  58. Brenda Roberts says:

    I have a bowl with turtles on the sides and two candle stick holders with turtles and a lilly as a candle holder. They are green with brown coloring. They are marked with the weller pottery stamp in black ink with a upside umbella under the name weller pottery. They also have a number written in black ink underneath of them. Can you tell me anything about them?

  59. i have a 8 inch vase that has weller on the bottem it is what they call a pearled vase could you tell me what years these were produced and there value in mint condiction

  60. Melissa Shimek says:

    Hello, I found what appears to be a weller knifewood vase. It has a background of green with yellow butterflys and white daisy’s. There is no stamped markings on the bottom but there is a black 1 under the glaze, does this have any special meaning?

  61. Mary Maynard says:

    The bottom of my vase says WELLER in capitals — NOTHING ELSE. it is aoubt 10 inches tall and has a glase of several colors in a swirsh delighn. Do you know anything about it?

  62. Marcia Nyberg says:

    I have a blue vase with floral motif with Weller written on the bottom and McLaughlin signed on the side near bottom. Can you tell me anything about it?

  63. Margaret Tolbert says:

    I have a short turquoise light green in color vase, which is about 6 inch tall with a rim which has very small handles on the side with two white flowers on the front that is accented with brown seeds in the center and just one dot of brown at the top of each petal which there are four petals and just two flowers. The flowers are arranged on a branch with a couple of leaves but they are painted the same as the vase. On the bottom of the vase is a B 15 with Weller in crusive. Where could I find out if this is truly a Weller Vase? Appreciate any help you may give me. Have a great day! πŸ™‚

  64. Margaret Tolbert says:

    I forgot to add that the petals on this vase are white. Sorry

  65. Im trying to identify a very large crock piece of pottery that I have had that came from an estate. I know its very old and I think its Weller but not sure. It has a mark but only appears to be a few numbers. Where does one begin to look?

  66. John Friedberg says:

    Thanks for providing this service…I found a star shaped dish, about ten inches wide, four inches deep, skyblue on the outside, off white inside. On the underside is written in cursive and created before firing “jweller C 6”.

    Please provide any information including year of production, quantity produced, value and catalog/name Weller gave to this item… John

  67. tammy ely says:

    I have a piece that i bought at a yard sale 9 years ago .. it is a tankard with , it looks to be grapes or plums , it is the exact coloring of weller pieces , it alsois marked E ocean Weller & the numbers 580 is hand written .. Can you tell me anything about it , I’m unable to send picture..I found one on ruby lane antiques that is almost the exact one , the differenc only being the color of grapes. Thank you for your time… p.s. my does have some fine surface cracks

  68. melissa chanley says:

    i have a 3 piece set, 2 short candle holders and i belive a flower frog, they are green with raised vine and a white raised flower and 3 purple berries, the candle holders have no mark the bottoms are peach colored, the flower frog, has a half circle stamp that says weller pottery all three have same design, can anyone identify this pattern and how old, and the value, this half circle looks like the top of a pumpkin with the stem of the pumkin coming up between the words weller and pottery. thanks for any info.

  69. schelly napier says:

    i have a pink,brown,green glazed jardinaire w/ pedestal.it just says WELLER on bottom of pedestal.would like to know what year it was made.is it worth anything?

  70. Brenda Belshe says:

    I have a vase that I believe to be a 11 1/2″ Weller from their Silvertone series. The mark on the bottom is a ink stamp under the glaze that looks like a bottle vase with Weller Pottery in a arch across the top. The vase has flowers on it and handles that are twisted twigs and has a lavender background. Can anyone tell me if I am on the right track, when it might have been made and what it might worth. Thank you. Brenda

  71. hello, i have a rather old double handled vase and on the bottom of the vase it has a red triangle with the number 140 partialy insided the triangle. can you help me figure out the maker of this item. if so email me back at barrwc548@yahoo.com

  72. Jack Harris says:

    I have a vase with a raised woods design of trees, grass, a stream running through it. I am 70 years old and I inherited it from my grandmother. The bottom of the vast has “weller” then below that the number 7.
    Does it have any value to a collector?
    Thanks for any help.

  73. Hello! I have a Weller Louwelsa vase in the standard brown glaze with typical clover motif. It stands approx. 7″ tall and is about 3 1/2″ at its widest point. The bottom impressed stamp says ‘LOUWELSA 5 WELLER.’ On the side of the vase near the bottom, it is artist signed under the glaze with the initial(s) “B” or “JB” in box script with the back of the J dependent upon the back of the B. I’ve unsuccessfully tried to identify the artist. Can you help? With thanks in advance. πŸ™‚

  74. I have a 3 footed vase (mat blue/dogwoods)5 in. tall that I got from my grandmother. It has Weller impressed on the bottom between the feet, but underneath Weller is the no. 4 and the letter “A” is marked in black in the middle right on top of the Weller imprint. Anyone know what that is? Thanks.

  75. i have an interesting piece of pottery, a vase, that I purchased at an antique shop many, many years ago. I bought it because it was so unique and over the years I’ve wondered about its origin and its value. It says WELLER on the bottom. The vase has a man and a woman who appear to be weeping. On the back is a raised circle with the following: Mr. Noggs & Katt Nickleby. The letter “M” on Mr., looks like a crown. Any information you are able to provide will be much appreciated. Thanks.

  76. Tim Vorbeck says:

    Did Weller ever make the Wild Rose pattern with yellow roses?

  77. christina says:

    HELP PLEASE….I have been looking for an hour.
    Weller vase over a foot high and painted with the green and brown glaze with grapes on it this a water picture style. I know that this is the time and is stamped accordingly. Looking for a value and any more information I can get about this piece. I just love this piece. Thank you so much for your time

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