Resuming Regular Blog Posts

I want to say thanks for all the positive feedback we have received on our art pottery blog.  Several of you have been asking about my reduced frequency of blog posts over the last month or so.  As some of our regular customers may know, in addition to running Just Art Pottery I also work as a consulting engineer and just this winter took on the rewarding position as assistant girl’s varsity basketball coach for a local Peoria high school.  The high school coaching position is in addition to my 5th grade girls travel basketball team which practices almost year round and which I have had the pleasure of coaching for the last year and a half.      

As the girl’s high school basketball season has wrapped up, I anticipate resuming a more regular blog posting schedule.  Also, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have ideas for blog topics or would like to contribute an article to the site.  It is truly my hope over the next year that the blog will be more interactive with reader contribution and feedback.

Greg Myroth

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