Van Briggle Pottery – Form or Design (Part 4)

The form or design has a significant impact on the value and desirability of a particular piece of Van Briggle pottery.  Van Briggle produced over 900 distinct designs between 1900 and 1912.   Of the more than 900 designs produced by Van Briggle pottery, over 200 are attributed to Artus Van Briggle before his death in 1904 and a similar number to Anne Gregory Van Briggle prior to 1912. Dsc6997_2

As new designs were created each year, less popular shapes or forms were eliminated from production.  Van Briggle vases or forms would also be taken out of production as molds became less detailed over time. 

By necessity, only a limited number of designs could be produced each year.  For example, Scott Nelson reports in "A Collectors Guide to Van Briggle Pottery" that a catalog from around 1914 showed only twenty-six available designs.  Of the twenty-six designs available in the catalog, only two were Van Briggle designs created during the 1900-1907 time period. 

Vases or forms that were particularly popular were sometimes remolded or redesigned.  An example of this is form 645 which is shown in the photo above.  The Van Briggle 645 cabinet vase was designed by Emma Kinkead and was introduced in 1907. The vase remained very popular over the years and was produced in larger quantities and over longer time periods (well into the 1940s and 1950s) than probably any other Van Briggle design.

Many of the early pre 1912 Van Briggle forms are rarely seen and when good example comes to market they often sell for multiple times what a similar sized example of a more common vase form will bring. 

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