Roseville Pottery Prices – Effect of Color

The other day a new Roseville pottery collector asked, "Why does the exact same shape Roseville pinecone vase sell for so much more when it is blue than when it is green?"    Over the years we have been dealing in Roseville pottery, we have always seen price variations between the different colors in particular Roseville patterns.  Dsc3769

In general terms, blue has enjoyed status as a long-standing favorite color among many Roseville collectors.  As a result, prices for Roseville vases in what the current marketplace considers more desirable colors are often higher than prices realized for other colors in a particular pattern.  For example, on average a Roseville Wisteria vase in blue sells for 40 to 60% more than a vase in similar condition in brown.  A Roseville Baneda vase in green will typically see a similar value premium compared with the same vase in pink.   Other middle period Roseville pottery patterns that experience similar price premiums for the preferred color include: 

  • Roseville Carnelian II (red is valued higher than green/blue)
  • Roseville Cherry Blossom (pink is valued higher than brown)
  • Roseville Falline (blue is valued higher than brown)
  • Roseville Ferella (red is valued higher than brown)
  • Roseville Laurel (green is valued higher than red and yellow)
  • Roseville Morning Glory (green is valued higher than white)
  • Roseville Windsor (blue more highly collected than brown)

It is important to note that as collector interests and decorating styles and taste change so do the preferred colors for Roseville and other art pottery.  For example, over the last decade Roseville pinecone was substantially higher valued in the blue color than in brown or green.  However, over the last couple of years, prices for Roseville brown pinecone have risen to levels equal to blue.

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  1. I have a roseville basket with the number 372-12, and I can’t seem to find any info about it, dates, worth, etc…

  2. Linda,

    The basket is Roseville Bushberry. The Bushberry pattern is very collectible. Bushberry was introduced in 1941.



  3. I have a roseville usa 641-5″ that I cant seem to find info about. Can you help? Thanks.

  4. Nicky,

    641-5 is from the Roseville Gardenia pattern. Gardenia was produced by Roseville pottery in 1950.


  5. Cindy Ross Higgins says:

    I have a Roseville Vase U.S.A. 141-15″ on the bottom of it. It is blue. What do you think I can get for it?

  6. Your vase is from the Zephyr Lily Roseville pattern. In mint condition, the vase would be worth about $300 to $500.

  7. Liz Caraway says:

    I am thinking of selling my mothers Roseville Pottery. What would be the average current value for Brown Magnolia pieces with no flaws. Vase 87-6,Candelstick pair 1157-4.5, Bowl 448-8.
    Thanks for your help!
    Liz, Seattle, WA

  8. Kathleen Calef says:

    I have 2 pinecone jardineers(green)from my mother so I know they were made prior to 1943 when I was born… after that she was broke! The small one has a 4″mouth, 3″base, 4.5″ tall and about 7″ wide. It’s perfect and lovely – the handle is part of the branch and there are 2 pine cones reaching each other in the back. The number is 278-4 and there are 2 initials in blue glaze. Value?

    Do you know where I can have Roseville repaired? The 2nd piece is larger: 8″mouth, 5″base, 8″tall and 9″wide. It has 2 cones together with a raised branch handle and a 3rd cone on the other side. The number is 632-7. It also has 2 intials in blue, BUT it needs a lot of repair: 1 chip on the base, 1 chunk (V shaped and dime sized) out of the lip where it appears that a 2nd raized branch with 3 points of attachment was broken off.

    I realize that it might cost me more than it’s worth to have it professionally fixed. Any advice?
    Thnaks, Kat

  9. Hello. I am thinking about selling an original Blue Magnolia Bowl, 448-8, that I purchased at an auction several years ago. It appears to me to be in great shape with no chips or cracks. What would its approximate value be? Thanks!

  10. Hello, again. I also have what I believe to be a green Snowberry Console, 1BL1-10. What is its approximate value? Thanks.

  11. Richard,

    Your Roseville Magnolia bowl would be worth about $125 and the Roseville Snowberry console bowl about the same amount.


  12. Kat,

    Your Roseville Pinecone jardiniere 278-4 would be worth about $225. There are many professional pottery restorers out there. If you contact us through email I can recommend someone to you.


  13. Liz,

    The 3 pieces of Roseville Magnolia pottery would retail for about $125 each.


  14. kate ullman says:

    i have a roseville bowl, melon ribbing, orange? or was it called red, it is 6″ in diameter by 3″ high…i cannot identify it…could it be carnelian…it is two toned and the top has a scalloped effect turning inward.

  15. Carol Ann Sondergaard says:

    I have a Roseville green mint floral design vase. What is it worth. I just read a comment above about a Roseville green mint vase and it said it would be worth between $300-$500. Is that true?

    Please advise regarding the above.



    Carol Ann Sondergaard

  16. I have a roseville vase, it is pink, muticolor with a paper label. It might be carnelian but it’s not real red and it has a hole in the bottom, It has a chip inside the lip. It isn’t shinning it has a flat finish. Does it have any value?

  17. I have a blue Roseville Foxglove Basket 12″. It is in very good condition. What is the approximate value

  18. Tresa,

    I would estimate the Roseville Foxglove basket to be worth about $350 retail if in mint condition.

  19. Cynthia Fantasia says:

    I have a 6″ Roseville blue vase with two handles. It has a flat bottom on which the narrow neck of the vase rests. There are pink and cream flowers on the vase. The number on the bottom is: 947
    There are two tiny chips on the top of the vase.

    Any idea about how much this might be worth?

  20. Ron Matyas says:

    Hello Greg,
    A couple of years ago I purchased a pair of vases from the estate of actor Jack Palance (he lived a couple of miles from me in PA). The pieces were advertised as “french vases” but upon closer inspection, to my surprise, they were signed Roseville on the bottom.
    The vases are large (23″ high), at least 20 lbs. apiece, in a yellow glaze with a white overglaze on the top half of them. Although difficult to ascertain, I believe the letters “RBOO” are inscribed on the bottom of the vases, as well as the Roseville signature. They are in super condition with no visible scratches, cracks or chips. Can you tell me anything about them?

    Thank you, Ron

    P.S. I know that Jack enjoyed them because they were displayed in the living room of his PA farmhouse with peacock feathers.

  21. Ron,

    I would have to see a photo to be sure but the pieces sound like Robinson Ransbottom Pottery which was located in Roseville, Ohio but was unrelated to Roseville Pottery.

  22. Fred Rowell says:

    I have an orange/rust bushberry console bowl on a squat pedestal base.The markings are Roseville U.S.A. 1-10″.F.B. and there is a factory drilled small hole in the center of the base. Can you tell me what F. B. means and why the hole. I have had the piece for several years. There is also a B in dark lettering. Do you have an idea of the value. Thank you Fred

  23. CARLA GUZMAN says:

    My mother recently passed away & I found a Roseville Basket type vase with the Numbers 381-10 and letters l & y on the bottom. What can you tell me about this? And is there any value to this?
    Thank you.
    Carla Guzman

  24. I have an Roseville 1BL1-10″ . The textures feels rough. Could be a replica?

  25. Steve Watson says:

    Have a Roseville Gardenia Basket (608-8) in mint condition. Has a brown/pink color.

  26. Looking for info re value of blue Magnolia bowl #448-8. In excellent condition. Also has what appears to be production #23 written in black crayon

  27. I have a roseville 209-12″. I believe it is bushberry. It has a shiny, glossy finish. I can’t find information so I am thinking it is a fake. What do you think?

  28. LINDA SMITH says:


    • I have a Roseville vase from my grandmother, with markings USA 131-7 brown and green. Can you tell me the value on it?

  29. Glorie Ann Robley says:

    I have 2 Roseville vases that I would like to know the value of each one.

    One is matte green with Bushberry design is 8 1/4″ high and 8 1/4″ wide. The handles on each side are toward the bottom. The bottom has Roseville USA 34 – 8″.

    The second one is a rust colored with a green tinge throughout with an oak leaf design with berrys. It has a high handle and
    ornate pouring spout. The bottom has Roseville USA 2-10″ It is 10″ high and 6 1/2 ” wide.

    Thanks for your help in determining their value. GAR

  30. I have a green Foxglove console bowl with 425-lLL on the bottom. It’s about 18″ long. How can I find the value?

    Also, I have a blue Snowberry bowl on small pedestal with two small handles on the sides. It has lF8-10 on the bottom. What does this mean, and what is the value?

  31. Hi, I am wondering if it is worth it to have my Roseville Snowberry vase repaired… 1V-18… and where to have it fixed? It has a chip on top. I have no idea what a piece like this is even valued at. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much.-m

  32. Connie Clark says:

    I have a Roseville vase which has been in my family for several generations. I can’t find any pictures like it. It’s some sort of flower like a peony or water lily on a green vase with large handles. It’s marked 80-10″ What would you say it’s worth. It’s in perfect condition.

  33. i have a 16 inch roseville, magnolia, blue 2 largte handles on side, no chips, what is it worth?

  34. i have a 13″high shades of blue with what I think are magnolias, colors cremes to a pinkish beige.
    Numbers on the bottom, I think, are 9172.
    would you give me a value and name for it?

  35. Anna Ferri says:

    I have a teapot and sugar bowl in the magnolia design – could you please tell me what their value is. Thanks

  36. I found a Roseville oval bowl that is rosey/brown color with flowers around it. It has a chip in the upper edge about the size of large pea. It is worth anything?

  37. I have a Roseville pitcher (blue/green w/white flowers)on the bottom is 2-10″. Any idea how much it is worth? Thanks.

  38. charles celauro says:

    I have a rosevile #342-6 can yoy tell how much it is worth

  39. I have a roseville vase with cherubs raised on it #63-12″. Can you tell me anything about it?

  40. I have a Peony Vase 62-8 in Blue. The problem is that i can’t find a price for it in blue. Any thoughts?

    • Bobby, Roseville Peony was produced in green, yellow and pink. It was not produced in blue. So your piece is either a different pattern or a reproduction.


  41. Marjorie Becker says:

    I have a Roseville pottery vase with the number 105-7 on the bottom. It’s a green color with white flowers w/ yellow centers. What can you tell me about this vase. Thanks

    • Marjorie,

      The vase is from the Roseville Clematis pattern. Roseville produced Clematis in 1944. The pattern came in green, blue and brown. Green is the most popular of the three.

  42. I have a Roseville Bushberry vase 38-12 and haven’t seen another like it. Any idea what it is worth? It’s in beautiful condition.

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