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Roseville Matte Green Pottery

It is often hard to distinguish between the early arts and crafts, matte green Roseville pottery patterns Chloron, Egypto, and Matte Green.  Positive identification of these popular Roseville patterns is made more difficult due to the fact that some of the shapes appear in all three lines of Roseville and relatively few examples were produced with factory trademarks.  Below are a few tips to help in the identification process of these collectible arts and crafts pottery patterns.

Roseville Chloron   

Dsc05801_3 Roseville Chloron was introduced in 1905.  Many examples of Chloron are unmarked.  However, some examples are marked with "Chloron" trademark which is a script lettering ink stamp. Mark Bassett’s Introducing Roseville Pottery indicates that the only known Roseville Chloron factory stock page identifies only 19 shapes.  Of these documented 19 shapes many were also produced in the Egypto and Matte Green glazes.  Other Roseville references such as Roseville In All Its Splendor lists additional Roseville Chloron forms.  Roseville Chloron was typically more Art Nouveau floral shapes.

Roseville Egypto

Dsc07099_4 Roseville Egypto was also introduced in 1905 just after Chloron.   Like the very similar Chloron pattern, Roseville Egypto can be found both marked and unmarked.  Marked examples of the Roseville Egypto contain the Rozane Egypto trademark.  A review of the Roseville factory stock indicates at least seven shapes used in the Chloron line appear in the Egypto pattern.  At least 38 shapes have been identified in the Roseville Egypto pattern.   The Egypto glaze is typically a more complex, organic matte green than its Chloron counterpart.

Dsc04494_2 Dsc07101 Dsc7919

Roseville Matte Green

Dsc07817_2  Roseville Matte Green was introduced by 1907 as an affordable alternative for arts and crafts collectors to the very popular Grueby Pottery.  Matte Green was produced at least until the early 1920s.  Roseville Matte Green was typically unmarked although a few examples have a die-impressed design number.  Matte Green can be found in lighter and darker shades of green as well as mottled and unmottled.  The Roseville Matte Green pattern contains over 300 shapes.   

Examples of Roseville Chloron, Egypto, and Matte Green Bottoms

Below are some photos showing the variations of the bottoms of unmarked examples of Roseville Chloron, Egypto and Matte Green. 

Dsc7173Dsc9527 Dsc05804 Dsc7245

Greg Myroth – Just Art Pottery

Art Deco Clocks

Just Art Pottery is pleased to introduce a line of high quality art deco clocks.  These hand-made studio pottery clocks come in both mantle and wall styles.  The distinctive geometric designs and bold colors make a perfect decorative addition to art deco interiors.  Below is a small sample of our more popular art deco clocks that are available for immediate shipment.  Over the next few weeks we will be adding more ceramic clocks in various art deco styles and colors to our inventory.


Art Deco Wall Clock


Art Deco Mantle Clock


Art Deco 20th Century Mantle Clock


Art Deco Pyramid Cat Mantle Clock

Greg Myroth – Just Art Pottery

American Art Pottery Association 2007 Convention

The American Art Pottery Association (AAPA) will hold its 2007 convention April 25-29th in Cleveland, Ohio.  The AAPA convention will include an art pottery show and sale, seminars, art pottery auction, and a book signing event by recognized authors. 

Other events at the pottery convention include an afternoon trolley tour that stops at a library with tile works by both Grueby and Rookwood.  There is also a bus tour featuring art and architecture from the Cleveland area.  Highlights of the bus tour will include visits to museum collections, building tours, outdoor sculptures by Viktor Schreckengost, the Cowan Pottery Museum, and a guided tour of the art deco interior of Severance Hall and its tile installations attributed to Grueby and Pewabic Pottery.

The conventions art pottery seminars will include Mark Bassett, co-author of Cowan Pottery and the Cleveland School who will discuss ceramics of the Cleveland School; Jo Cunningham who will discuss Viktor Schreckengost dinnerware designs; Dr. James Murphy who will discuss Ohio ceramics; and nationally recognized antiques experts Ralph and Terry Kovel who will discuss their pottery collecting. 

A panel featuring representatives of the Zanesville Art Center, Erie Art Museum, and History Museum of the Western Reserve Historical Society will present the challenges of building museum ceramics collections compared with constructing private art pottery collections. 

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McCoy Pottery Collectors' Society

The McCoy Pottery Collectors’ Society will be hosting the annual McCoy Pottery collectors reunion from July 15 through July 21, 2007.  The headquarters for the McCoy convention will be the Comfort Inn in Zanesville, Ohio.  Pict6754

The theme for the 2007 McCoy convention is "The Blues".  Any J.W. McCoy, Nelson McCoy, or Brush-McCoy Pottery in shades of blue is welcome to be added to the display.  Highlights of the reunion include a mixer and pottery auction on July 15, 2007 and Pottery Show and Tell on July 16, 2007.  All pottery for the Show and Tell must be produced by the J.W. McCoy, Nelson McCoy, or Brush-McCoy Pottery.  Another popular event during the covention is the in-room selling which will take place throughout the week. 

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