McCoy Pottery Collectors' Society

The McCoy Pottery Collectors’ Society will be hosting the annual McCoy Pottery collectors reunion from July 15 through July 21, 2007.  The headquarters for the McCoy convention will be the Comfort Inn in Zanesville, Ohio.  Pict6754

The theme for the 2007 McCoy convention is "The Blues".  Any J.W. McCoy, Nelson McCoy, or Brush-McCoy Pottery in shades of blue is welcome to be added to the display.  Highlights of the reunion include a mixer and pottery auction on July 15, 2007 and Pottery Show and Tell on July 16, 2007.  All pottery for the Show and Tell must be produced by the J.W. McCoy, Nelson McCoy, or Brush-McCoy Pottery.  Another popular event during the covention is the in-room selling which will take place throughout the week. 

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  1. i recently saw a pear wall pocket marked mccoy,it is my understanding that the fruit wall pockets were not marked,is this a fact/

  2. the reason im wondering about the mccoy fruit wall pockets is because in one of the mccoy books it states that these are all unmarked. so is the one i saw a real mccoy or is the book wrong? if it really is genuine i would go back where i saw it and buy it.

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