Van Briggle Pottery – Journal of American Art Pottery Association

Collectors of Van Briggle Pottery will definitely want to check out the May/June 2007 issue of the Journal of American Art Pottery.  The issue is exclusively about Van Briggle Pottery and includes many never before seen photos of vases and tiles and the following featured articles:

  • Van Briggle Tiles: Their Art, Craft, and Commerce -Part II by Richard D. Mohr
  • A 1904 Legacy: The Collection of Van Briggle Pottery in the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum by Katie Davis Gardner, Museum Curator
  • Anne Van Briggle: Three Newly Discovered Photographs by Laura Gilpin by Mary Sue Garay
  • Van Briggle in Europe by Richard D. Mohr

The Journal of American Art Pottery Association is published six times a year by the American Art Pottery Association

Greg MyrothVan Briggle Pottery

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