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Modern Teco Art Pottery Collection

We have received a lot of questions regarding the modern Teco Art Pottery Collection that we are Rocketbrown starting to carry on Just Art Pottery.  This past weekend I had the opportunity to see some of the first examples from the collection and must say they are very high quality.  In terms of size, shape, color and glaze they are very close to original Teco Pottery.  The matte green glaze was high quality as I expected.  However, the brown, blue and yellow glazes are particularly appealing.  The modern Teco is also very clearly marked such that there can be no confusion with original, antique Teco pottery. 

We anticipate having inventory available to ship to customers within the next 2 to 3 weeks. 

Greg Myroth

Weller Pottery – Journal of American Art Pottery Association

Collectors of Weller Pottery will definitely want to check out the September 2007 issue of The Journal of the American Art Pottery Association. Dsc05595 The September issue will focus entirely on Weller Pottery. The Journal’s articles will include the following topics:

  1. Weller Hudson Kappa Vases
  2. Weller  Hudson State Vases
  3. Weller Collectors Who Specialize in One Line of Weller,  Bonito, Cameo Jewel, Florenzo, and Wild Rose………A Chapter from Book III of ALL ABOUT WELLER, by Ann Gilbert McDonald.
  4. Weller Art Tiles
  5. Weller Hudson Light
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