Fake Grueby Trademark on McCoy Pottery Vase

We were recently contacted by a fellow art pottery collector who was trying to find out about the history and value of her Grueby pottery vase.Mccoy_with_grueby_stamp  When the collector emailed us photos of her vase, I recognized the piece as being a 1930s McCoy matte glaze vase.  At first I thought the collector had simply mixed up the photos and sent me images of her McCoy pottery vase instead of the piece of Grueby.

However, after a closer look at the photo of the bottom I noticed it was stamped with a fake mark which included words Grueby Pottery, Boston and the lotus flower trademark.  Fake_grueby_stamp_3

Thankfully the mark is not at all close to authentic Grueby pottery trademarks and would likely not fool anyone other than the most novice pottery collectors. Since it was a fake Grueby trademark I had not seen previously I thought readers might find it interesting to see photos of the vase and stamp.

Greg Myroth – Selling Authenic McCoy and Grueby Pottery

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