Pottery Lovers Reunion Zanesville 2008

The 2008 Pottery Lovers Reunion in Zanesville, Ohio will be held from July 10th through July 16th.  A few of the pottery events going on during the week include:

  • Pottery dealers will start arriving around July 10th to start room sales in the local hotels.  Primary hotels for room pottery sales are the Holiday Inn and Best Western.   
  • Pottery Lovers official events begin at the Zanesville Holiday Inn on July 14th. Official Pottery Lovers activities will include a mixer party, banquet and pottery auction.
  • Pottery Lovers Show and Sale July 18-19, 2008 at the Pritchard Laughlin Convention Center in Cambridge, Ohio.

Greg Myroth – Just Art Pottery


  1. I have a black ceramic elephant about 10 inches high that my grandmother left me that was a gift to her father from someone at American Encaustic Tile in Zanesville Ohio where he used to work. She told me it was one of just a few made for some special occasion. Has anyone seen one of these before or know anthing about it?

  2. Linda Bowland says:

    Shouldn’t the dates of the Pottery Lovers Show and Sale in Cambridge be July 18-19, 2008 instead of july 19-20, 2008?

  3. Linda,

    Good catch on the dates for the Pottery Show and Sale! I have corrected the blog post.

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