Van Briggle Pottery Symposium 2008

The Van Briggle Pottery & Tile Company will host the 2008 Van Briggle Symposium September 11-13, 2008.  The symposium is in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Van Briggle Memorial Pottery on December 3, 1908.Pict1100a

Highlights of the event will include:

  • Van Briggle Pottery & Tile Company firing of the K108 commemorative kiln.  Attendees will receive copies of the earliest known Van Briggle design records from the Van Briggle Pottery archives.
  • Bus tour to the Chico Basin Ranch which was the early residence of Artus Van Briggle and the site for the design of shape 1, "The Chalice".
  • Guest speakers Scott H. Nelson, author of "A Collector’s Guide to Van Briggle Pottery" and Fred Wills, Van Briggle potter between 1947 and 1987. Mr. Wills will discuss early employees, installation of the new kiln, glaze and design experiments, etc.  Mr. Wills has also offered to sign any Van Briggle Pottery FW original pieces that attendees bring to the event.
  • Tour of the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum’s collection of Van Briggle pottery with Curator/Assistant Director Katie Davis Gardner.
  • Show & Tell, Buy & Sell.  Collectors can bring Van Briggle Pottery to discuss, buy, sell or trade.   
  • Tours of the Memorial Pottery with George Eckhardt and Colorado Springs Van Briggle tour of vintage tile and fireplaces

Greg Myroth – Buying and Selling Van Briggle Pottery

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