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Wisconsin Pottery Show 2008

The Wisconsin Pottery Association will conduct its 13th annual Pottery Show and Sale this Saturday August 23, 2008 from 9:00AM until 4:00PM at the Exhibit Hall at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin. 

The show is a great time and is always filled with active pottery collectors and dealers.  One of the nice things about this show is that there is something for every level of collector.  Entry level or budgetary conscious collectors can find moderated priced examples of pottery such as Haegar, McCoy, Red Wing, Roseville and many others.  More advanced pottery collectors will be able to find higher end Rookwood, Roseville, Weller, Grueby, Teco, Newcomb, Fulper, Van Briggle, Norse, Marblehead and much more.  The show also always includes a nice selection of contemporary pottery from makers such as Common Ground, Door and Ephraim Pottery.

Buyers can expect to browse pottery and dinnerware from the 1880s to the present.  Styles displayed and offered for sale will include Art Deco, Arts and Crafts, Mid-Century Modern and Art Nouveau.

In addition to the Pottery Show and Sale, the Association also puts on an annual exhibit.  The 2008 exhibit is titled Pauline and the Pottery of Edgerton, Wisconsin.  The exhibit will include a wide selection of pottery from the Edgerton area including Pauline Pottery, American Clay Works, Edgerton Pottery Company, Rock Pottery, Pickard China, Edgerton Art Clay Works and Norse Pottery.

Previous years exhibits have included topics such as:

  • Fulper, Clifton & More The Art Pottery of New Jersey
  • Art Deco and Modern Style Ceramics 1910-1940
  • The Mission Style: How the Arts & Crafts Movement Influenced American Pottery 1900-1920
  • The French Connection: Impressionism in French and American Pottery 1873-1900
  • Roseville America’s Decorative Art Pottery
  • Haeger:  The Early And The Extraordinary

Other popular features of the show include What is it?  Collectors can bring up to two mystery pots for potential identification and evaluation. 

If you get a chance to attend the show, please stop by and and say hi to Lana and I.  We will be bringing a nice selection of Roseville, Weller, Rookwood, a few pieces of Newcomb from a small collection, Van Briggle from a large estate collection and many other items.  If there is something of interest in our inventory that you would like to see at the show drop us an email or give us a call. 

Greg Myroth – Just Art Pottery

Teco Art Pottery Collection 2008

Just Art Pottery is pleased to announce we are now taking preorders for the 2008 modern Teco Art Pottery Collection™ .  The modern Teco collection is a line of high quality reproductions that maintains the integrity of original, antique Teco Pottery.  The 2008 collection makes a great compliment to the seven vases offered in the inital 2007 modern Teco Art Pottery Collection™.

Each piece from the Teco Art Pottery Collection is produced in the United States.  Each of the vases in the Collection is hallmarked with the company logo as a guarantee of quality and authenticity and to ensure no confusion with original, antique Teco Pottery.  The 2008 offering of the Teco Art Pottery Collection™ includes the following five vases and is offered in the seven colors shown.  New colors for 2008 include aqua and orange.


2008 Modern Teco Art Pottery Collection (From Left to Right)


Teco Art Pottery Collection™ Prairie Matte Green Vase


Teco Art Pottery Collection™ Pogoda Matte Green Vase


Teco Art Pottery Collection™ Zen Green Floor Vase


Teco Art Pottery Collection™ Genie Green Vase

Teco Art Pottery Collection™ Apollo Green Vase

Place your order now for shipment in late September 2008.

Just Art Pottery

Help Identifying A Mystery Piece of Pottery

A good friend sent the vase shown in the photos asking for our help in identifying the maker.  When he Dsc_3096 sent it to us, he thought it was Hampshire Pottery which I know it isn’t. 

Unfortunately I have no idea who made the piece.  I was thinking it may  be an European pot but that is a guess on my part.  I suspect one of our knowledgable readers will be able to positively identify the maker of this attractive arts and crafts style vase.  I would appreciate your assistance on this one!Dsc_3097

Greg Myroth

Newcomb Pottery Clay Bodies and Glaze Marks

We had a question from a reader regarding the meaning of the various letter marks (B’s and C’s) not Dsc_3131related to registration numbers or date marks found on the bottoms of some transitional period (1910-1915) examples of Newcomb Pottery. Examples of these bottom marks from two Newcomb vases are shown in the photos. 

Accordingly the Walter Bob’s research, which is fully documented in Jessie Poesch’s Newcomb Pottery & Crafts, the B or B in a circle mark represents a buff clay body with a semi-matte glaze. This mark was typically used between 1910 and 1912.  Between 1913 and 1915 the clay body and glaze mark was changed to a C or C within a circle.  Dsc_3152

Between 1895 and 1907, there were several other letter designations used by Newcomb Pottery to identify clay bodies.  Poesch’s Newcomb Pottery & Crafts book provides a full description of the years of use for each of these clay bodies and glaze marks on Newcomb Pottery

Just Art Pottery

Modern Day Pottery Masters, Part 2

In an earlier post, we told you about two contemporary potteries that produce top quality art pottery pieces.  Scott Draves and Chris Powell aren’t the only artists creating modern day masterpieces, though.  There are many other potteries producing gorgeous art pottery examples that are already highly collectible.   

Ephraim Faience Pottery

Ephraim Faience is another pottery that was born out of the desire to replicate the style of the American Pict2528a Arts and Crafts movement.  It was originally founded in Deerfield, Wisconsin by Scott Draves and Kevin Hicks, but Draves left in 2001 to open Door Pottery.  Kevin Hicks continued to pursue his dream of creating forms and sculpted effects like the potters of the early 20th century. 

Hicks and his staff create original, handmade pottery pieces that fit perfectly with the aesthetics of the Arts and Crafts style.  Ephraim’s bold decorations are natured-inspired, sometimes even featuring animal motifs.  The Ephraim studio celebrates each designer and artist on the team, and you can read a short biography of each one on the company’s website.  This adds a personal quality to their work and makes you feel like part of the family when you buy a piece of EFP art pottery.

Jemerick Art Pottery

Steve Frederick and Cherie Jemsek are the artists behind Jemerick Pict5172a Pottery.  Steve has worked with pottery since 1973, where he studied at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, Maine.  He produced work in a variety of styles until a friend introduced him to the Arts and Crafts style in 1997.  His work has reflected the ideals of the Arts and Crafts movement ever since. 

Cherie joined Steve’s pottery in 1976.  She sculpts repetitive leaf and floral patterns on the pieces after Steve throws the basic forms on the wheel.  Cherie’s one-of-a-kind style is based on Arts and Crafts, but the sculpted elements are often unique in their exaggeration.  No matter how original they are, however, all Jemerick forms and decorations are rooted in the Arts and Crafts ideals of simplicity and honesty.   

Because their high quality artwork and limited production pieces, Jemerick pottery is sought after by collectors.  Jemerick Art Pottery is located in Saugerties, New York.

Just Art Pottery