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Roseville Pottery – Carnelian II Marks

A new Roseville pottery collector recently emailed us asking why some examples of Roseville Carnelian II have glazed bottoms while others are unglazed.  As usual, there is no hard and fast rule about this but some of the inconsistencies are explained by the fact that a significant number of Roseville Carnelian II (glazes) vases were actually Carnelian I (drip) vases to start with.

Roseville Carnelian I (drip) wasn╩╝t real popular with collectors and as a result many examples of Roseville Carnelian I (drip) were reglazed and refired as Carnelian II (glazes).  So the majority of the Carnelian II (glazes) examples with glazed bottoms and Rv stamp marks were actually originally produced by Roseville pottery as Carnelian I (drip).  Examples have also been located with the blue Rv stamp from the Carnelian I (drip) period and after being reglazed subsequently remarked with a Roseville paper label.

Example of a Roseville Pottery Carnelian I (drip) vase and a Roseville Pottery Carnelian II (glazes) vase are shown in the photos below. 












The second set of photos show examples of typical bottom markings on Roseville Carnelian I (drip) and Roseville Carnelian II (glazes).










The last sets of photos show examples of Roseville Carnelian I vases that were reglazed and refired as Roseville Carnelian II (glazes) vases.





Greg Myroth – Just Art Pottery