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Roseville Pottery – Pinecone Modern

The Pinecone Modern pattern was introduced by Roseville Pottery in 1953.  The pattern included 51 shapesPICT6807 including baskets, bowls, planters, vases, ect.  The easiest way to identify the Roseville Pinecone Modern pattern is by the shape number.  All Pinecone Modern pieces are in the 400 series.  Roseville chose to renumber the Pinecone Modern pattern even though numerous shapes were reissues from the identical, original Roseville Pinecone line introduced in 1935. 

Most Pinecone collectors actively seek the 400 series Modern pieces with the same level of interest as original Pinecone.  In fact, many collectors find the green version of Pinecone Modern more attractive than the original green pinecone primarly because of more vivid coloring and less glaze runs and drips with the later version.

Due to the short period of production for Pinecone Modern, many of the 400 series shapes are harder to find that the original forms.  Roseville produced Pinecone Modern from 1953 until the factory was sold in the summer of 1954. 

Pinecone Modern is marked with the raised molded Roseville USA mark and with the shape number and size. Some examples are also marked with a die-impressed or raised "Pine Cone".  Examples of some of the variations of bottom marks are shown below.


PICT6809 PICT7961  

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