Record Sale Price for Newcomb Pottery Vase reports that on June 27, 2009 Neal Auction obtained a world record price for a 1904 Newcomb-record-vase 2009 Newcomb College high glaze pottery vase. The vase is 13" tall and decorated with incised design of jackmanii climbing clematis in blue, green and yellow underglaze by Maria de Hoa LeBlanc.  The pre-sale estimated price for the vase was between $35,000 to $50,000.  The final selling price including the buyer's premium was an amazing $169,200.  The previous record sale price for a Newcomb College vase was $108,400 in 2006.  

The auction house noted "LeBlanc's vase is an outstanding example of Newcomb pottery for several reasons, including the large size, the unusual and deeply carved climbing clematis motif and a flawless, high-gloss glaze."  Photo from and Neal Auction. 

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