Brush – McCoy Cookie Jars

Between 1954 and 1971, the Brush Pottery company produced over 50 novelty cookie jars.


It is important to note that in 1925, the Brush-McCoy Pottery name was changed to Brush Pottery. Many of the Brush cookie jars were designed by twin bothers Don and Ross Winton.  The twins did a lot of free-lance design for various pottery makers. Below is a listing of many of the Brush cookie jars.

1954 Cookie Jars

  • Cow W10
  • Formal Pig W7
  • Elephant Planter W8

1955 Cookie Jars

  • Circus Horse W10
  • Teddy Bear W14
  • Squirrel W15

1956 Cookie Jars

  • Davy Crockett
  • Peter Pan
  • Red Riding Hood K24
  • Little Boy Blue K25
  • Old Clock W20

1958 Cookie Jars


  • Teddy Bear W14
  • Little Girl O17
  • Granny O19

1959 Cookie Jars

  • Raggedy Ann W16
  • Humpty Dumpty W18
  • Panda W21
  • Clown W22
  • Old Shoe W23
  • Pumpkin W24

1960 Cookie Jars

  • Happy Bunny W25

1961 Cookie Jars

  • Laughing Hippo W27

1962 Cookie Jars

  • Squirrel on a Log W26
  • Treasure Chest W28
  • Humpty Dumpty K29
  • Cookie House W31
  • Cinderella Pumpkin W32

1963 Cookie Jars

  • Gas Lamp K1
  • Three Bears K2


1964 Cookie Jars

  • Donkey and Cart W33

1965 Cookie Jars

  • Pig Bank 837
  • Donkey and Cart W33

1966 Cookie Jars

  • Puppy Police W39
  • Sitting Pig W37
  • Chick in Nest W38

1968 Cookie Jars

  • Owl W40
  • Stylized Cat W41
  • Hill Billy Frog W43

1969 Cookie Jars

  • Chicken on Nest W44
  • Happy Hippo W45
  • Bear W46

1971 Cookie Jars

  • Touring Car W53
  • Dog and Basket W54
  • Boy with Ballons W56
  • Western Horse W55
  • Fish W52

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  1. I have a Clown Cookie Jar with – W22 – BRUSH – USA markings on the bottom. Can anyone tell me the approximate value of this?

  2. Jeanette V says:

    I have a Cow with Cat Finial cookie Jar, but the bottom is only marked W10 and USA , purchased at an estate sale, it has crazing and shows age. Looks real

  3. Ben Griffin says:

    I have recently found a Brush Peter Pan cookie jar it is marked
    Brush K23 USA on 3 lines, my book says the jar was marked only USA
    Do I have a real Peter Pan or a fake the jar looks real enough please help if you can thanks Ben

  4. Becky Wise says:

    I’m looking for the deminsions for the
    Cinderella Pumpkin cookie jar. The book I
    have doesn’t say. Thanks Becky

  5. Carol Laford says:

    I have a Brush K25 Little boy blue cookie jar, can anyone please tell me what it is worth?

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