Help Identify this Clock Cookie Jar

Art Pottery Blog readers I need your help. We just got a large estate collection of older cookie jars.  I have been learning a lot over the last week or so regarding the various makers and years of production for Brush, McCoy, Abingdon and other cookie jar manufacturers. 

However, the clock cookie jar below has me stumped.  The photo of the bottom isn't the best but the mark on the bottom of the jar is USA 203.  I was guessing the cookie jar was McCoy but I can't find it in any of my pottery reference books. I know Abingdon made a similar clock cookie jar but the lid is different and the mark is not Abingdon.  I know there are a lot of antique cookie jar experts out there so I look forward to your assistance in helping me figure out if this is an old jar or a reproduction and who made it.



Greg Myroth –


  1. Sandy Birtch says:

    I recently came into posssion of
    this cookie jar pictured, ‘cookie
    time’.It belonged to my husband’s
    107 year old grandmother, still
    living. I was looking for info as

  2. Aaron McIntire says:

    this is the same cookie jar that headlines andy warhols cookie jar collection.

  3. I have this same cookie jar that I found in the back of my grandmother’s cabinet when she passed away 4 years ago. She was 87 years old and my mother said she always remembered it being around back in the 60’s when her and my father married. Anyone that has any info on it, please let me know.

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