Rookwood Pottery Artists – Part 4

In previous blogs, we outlined "A" level Rookwood pottery decorators, "B" level Rookwood pottery decorators and "C" level Rookwood pottery decorators.  That leaves "D" level, which we've provided below.  Remember, these were included in Rookwood Pottery – The Glaze Lines, authored Bluewater by well-respected curator, Anita J. Ellis. 

Besides the appeal of the Rookwood piece itself, the decorator is the second most influential factor that determines interest and ultimately its value.  "D" level Rookwood pottery is defined as those with "usually little collector interest"; however, don't let that keep you from buying that special piece because of its rating.  Your personal appreciation and interest should be the determining factor when collecting Rookwood art pottery.

         · Howard Altman

         · Eugenia Becker

         · Elizabeth Brain

         · Alfred Brennan

         · W. Breuer

         · Cora Crofton

         · Katherine deGolter

        · Virginia Demarest

        · Edith Felten

        · Kate Field

        · Emma Foertmeyer

        · Mattie Foglesong

        · Ms. Foy

        · William Fry

        · Lois Furukawa

        · William Glass

        · Arthur Goetting

        · Grace Hall

        · Lena Hanscom

        · Janet Harris

        · Orville Hicks

        · Nicholas Hirschfeld

        · Alice Holabird

        · Hattie Horton

        · Mary Kennan

        · Flora King

        · Ora King

        · William Klemm

        · Charles Klinger

        · F. Koehler

        · Eliza Lawrence

        · Clara Lindeman

        · Laura Lindeman

        · Thomas Lunt

        · Helen Lyons

        · Kate Matchette

        · Marianna Mitchell

        · Herman Moos

        · Helen Peachy

        · Pauline Peters-Baurer

        · Jean Reich

        · Jane Sacksteder

        · Virginia Scalf

        · David Seyler

        · Marian Smalley

        · Helen Stuntz

        · Jeannette Swing

       · Mary Taylor

       · Frances Vreeland

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  1. Does anyone know if the two Rookwood artists, Eliza C. Lawrence and Grace M. Hall were related?

  2. Milton Moos says:

    My father, Herman Milton Moos, once mentioned to me that he had worked at a pottery in Cincinnati soon after he and his father arrived in America from Germany, but said nothing more about it. It wasn’t until some time after his death in 1985 that I discovered he had been a Rookwood decorator. Although he was not one of the great artists who worked there, I think that he would have been pleased to know that his work was appreciated by some present-day collectors of Rookwood!

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