Is it Roseville Pottery?

DSC07969 The Cherub Cameo collection has often been attributed to the Roseville pottery; however, there are some collectors who believe the pattern was made by Weller or Owens.  It's a beautiful line with a matte fern color base and gold leafs that extend upwards.  White columns provide symmetry and the faces of white cherubs are placed in raised circles on the pieces. The result is an elegant collection that stands strong on its own or as part of the Roseville line.  There are umbrella stands, window boxes, jardinières, fern dishes and other various shaped bowls.  Depending on its size and condition, the pieces from the Cherub Cameo range from $100 upwards to $1500.

In Mark Bassett's book, Understanding Roseville Pottery, he outlines the justifications for the Cherub pattern belonging to the Roseville.  Many of the shapes found in this line, and especially the gate, were created only by Roseville Pottery at this particular time.  In addition, the clay bodies and glazes are very similar to that used on Roseville Donatello and Ivory Tint.  The issue with the Cherub Cameo pottery line is the absence or inconsistency of markings. 

Cherub pieces have been found with a factory shape number (584) die-impressed on the bottom of various PICT5014 sized jardinières.  However, Roseville historically placed the numerals indicating the size of the jardinière immediately after the shape number.  For some reason all the marked Cherub pieces have been found with the size notation below the shape number.  To further add to the debate, it is interesting to note that Owens Pottery sometimes marked its pottery with the size below the shape number as well.  However, Owens shape numbers and sizes are set in italic font unlike the marks seen on Cherub.

At this point we are firmly in the camp that believes the Cherub pattern was produced by Roseville Pottery.  However, if you're like me, you might discover DSC07972 you're more interested in this remarkable collection for the beauty it adds to any collection or as a stand alone rather than who made it. The greens and golds are simply striking as they play off the other and the cherubs centered in the circles only add to the unique look of this line of pottery.  And too, the mystery behind its maker makes for great dinner conversation and only adds to its charm. 

Donna McGill – Just Art Pottery

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