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Rookwood The past several weeks, we've been fortunate enough to secure a small collection of several early Ephraim Faience Pottery pieces, including a rare Ephraim Faience Pine Cone wall pocket.  It is in mint condition with a logo on the back and stamped "Kevin Hicks".  This wall pocket measures 6 ¾" tall and 4" wide.  It's yet another testament to the arts and crafts look we've come to appreciate with Ephraim Faience pottery. 

Another new addition is a 1924 Rookwood Pottery vase.  What's remarkable about this vase is its octagon bottom and the contrasting shades of blue that are prominent in the vase's lines.  The neck begins narrow and round while the lines and corners are developed downward until the definitive octagon shape is created near the bottom.  It's quite elegant in appearance and is in mint condition.  The bottom marks include the date, shape mark and the logo.  It's one of those Rookwood pottery vases with bold elements that demand attention. 

That's not the only Rookwood vase with varying shades of blue.  There's also a 1927 Rookwood Pottery vase.  This one is round in shape, again with a smaller opening that gradually gets larger closer to the base.  The blue, while lovely, is hard to describe, but dramatic and unique in its appearance.  It stands 5 ¼" tall and is mint condition.  The bottom includes the logo, date mark and the shape number.

As usual, there's that one vase, jardinière or wall pocket that catches my eye for its angles or size or glaze or even its coloring.  This time, it's the double-handled Roseville Pottery Assortment Vase.  It's a particular shade of deep green with eggshell colored flowers.  The vase's opening is finished with a glossy brown that extends into the vase itself and also is a perfect contrast with the primary green color and off-white flowers.  It's the glossy finish, though, that really completes the dramatic Wallpocket appearance.  Also, the handles themselves have a few decorative elements; small notches that again, add to the vase's beauty.

To give you an idea of how quickly the New Arrivals page changes, as I was preparing this latest post, I had included a Rookwood bowl.  Not surprisingly, it sold before I could get this latest post completed.  If you're looking for rare pieces that have just arrived, now's the time to act.  You never know when an art pottery item will go from the new arrival status to sold.

Donna McGill – Just Art Pottery

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