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New Arrivals at Just Art Pottery

Bcurled There are some beauties just added to the Just Art Pottery New Arrivals page.  The first thing that might catch your eye, as it did mine, is the Denbac French Pottery Vase.  It incorporates those striking blues that so many of us are fond of, but the caramel drip is what really ensures it stands apart.  It measures 9 ¾” tall and 4 ½” from its widest point.  It’s a must have for European art pottery lovers.

The second item you might notice is the marigold-colored Door Pottery Curled Leaves Vase (shown at left).  Again, this one incorporates a personal favorite element – the rounded appearance.  The curled leaves give this vase texture and the hint of green that darkens closer to the vase’s bottom allows for a perfect contrast. It measures 6 ¼” in height and 6 ¼” in width.  It’s in mint condition and incorporates those important elements that define quality contemporary art pottery.

Those who are especially fond of art pottery tiles will appreciate the Ephraim Faience Pottery Scenic Tile.  Blue and white glazes combine for an interesting and quite pretty appearance.  This tile is in excellent condition with two minute pops on the face of the tile. 

Speaking of Ephraim Faience Pottery, a rare vase that incorporates swirling leaves has recently been added.  It’s in mint condition with a bottom logo “A4”, which notates a trial glaze.  It’s one of the two trial Ephraim Faience Pottery vases stamped “Mary Pratt” included on the Just Arrived page.

For the high end arts and crafts pottery collector, there is a nice collection of Newcomb College Pottery vases and a bowl that has just been added to the available inventory.   The Newcomb bowl decorated with 4 o'clock flowers by Henrietta Bailey is my personal favorite.

Finally, a vintage Monmouth Sleepy Eye Pottery Pitcher Native American vase must be included in Bailey this post; partly because of the deep blue it incorporates, but mostly because of the overall appearance of this pitcher.  It stands 8 ¾” tall and measures 9 ¼” wide.  It really is a remarkable art pottery pitcher and the off white foundation gives way for the blue handle and Indian profile to take center stage.

See for yourself these and all the Just Art Pottery new arrivals.  And as always, check back often – new arrivals move fast!

Donna McGill – Just Art Pottery

Storing Your Art Pottery Collection

Fulper Avid collectors of art, regardless of whether it’s rare paintings or American art pottery, discover the need to store their investments from time to time.  Those who live in the southeast U.S. face the possibility of hurricanes six months out of the year and know all too well the damage a home and its contents receives.  As a result, most of us stay on high alert and have our routines down to a science if a tropical system threatens the Gulf or East coasts.  After photos and important papers are safely put away, it’s on to the Roseville art pottery collection and then to my sister’s house to pack up her McCoy collection.  And too, those who live in the Midwest know the potential for tornadoes is ever-present.  It’s not always inclement weather, however, that dictates storing our valuables; regardless, the methods remain the same and the goal is to protect our Rookwood pottery or other art pottery collection we’re fond of. 

Ideally, you already have a supply of eco-friendly packing materials.  If not, opt to purchase these environmentally friendly supplies; they’re inexpensive and far better for our environment.  Easy to find, eco friendly bubble wrap and peanuts are easily located online or in your local office supply store.  Newspapers also make excellent filling material and a great way to recycle.    Regardless of what you choose to protect your art pottery, you’ll want to carefully wrap it so that it’s properly insulated from potential damage that occurs when boxes are moved around.  Further, you’ll also want to pack the boxes with insulation between the contents. 

If you have smaller items that you’re storing, be sure to find a way to mark the outer wrapping or even use a grocery bag to keep it from getting lost in all the packing materials once you’re able to unpack.  Boldly mark the outer box itself so that anyone who handles the box knows there are fragile items inside.  Secure the box top to keep your valuables safely inside and remember to save those packing materials for the next time that’s always lurking around the corner. Vanbriggle

A little caution now ensures your investments remain safe and undamaged.  Do you have any great storage tips?  We’d love to hear them!  Drop us a line and tell us what works best for your art pottery.

Just Art Pottery Bargain Bin

Mccoybue Have you browsed the Just Art Pottery bargain bin lately?  There are many hard to find pieces available, including several art deco vases.  The bargain bin was introduced late last year and since then, it’s been one of Just Art Pottery’s most popular pages.  It was a great way to introduce affordable art pottery and the rich histories of some of the most well known and respected American art pottery companies.  In fact, the broad selection provides for some of the more eclectic pieces as well as many of the more traditional designs we’re most familiar with.  Take a look at some of the offerings:

Beatrice Wood Pottery Volcanic Glazed Chalice – This spectacular chalice is in excellent condition and is dated to the mid 20th century.  Despite the small nick along the inner rim, it remains an incredible work of art.  As many may know, Beatrice Wood, after studying with Glen Lukens, further perfected her abilities under the direction of Gertrud and Otto Natzler.  There’s no denying her artistic flair, though as she defined her own look as her career progressed and matured.

There are also quite a few McCoy pieces, too.  From a McCoy handled vase that’s in mint condition with a glossy glaze to a McCoy Fawn Planter that many may not even know exists, either of these two would be an ideal addition for a McCoy  collector.  Speaking of McCoy, there’s an especially lovely ribbon vase available.  Feminine and even dainty, this delicate blue McCoy vase is in excellent condition and measures 9” in height and 7” wide.  Notice the glaze on this vase, too.

If you’re a fan of French pottery, don’t miss the Metenier French Pottery pieces.  These are fine pieces as the deep blues and grays blend together to define a more contemporary look.  Notice the shapes- wide vase bellies and narrow necks that flow easily throughout the designs.  There’s no DSCN1042_t2006_3_7_13_55_57_q90_f14_82x100 missing the French themes, either.

These are only a few of the many art pottery pieces available on the Just Art Pottery bargain bin page and like the new arrivals page, be sure to check back often as inventory can change from day to day.