New Arrivals at Just Art Pottery

Bcurled There are some beauties just added to the Just Art Pottery New Arrivals page.  The first thing that might catch your eye, as it did mine, is the Denbac French Pottery Vase.  It incorporates those striking blues that so many of us are fond of, but the caramel drip is what really ensures it stands apart.  It measures 9 ¾” tall and 4 ½” from its widest point.  It’s a must have for European art pottery lovers.

The second item you might notice is the marigold-colored Door Pottery Curled Leaves Vase (shown at left).  Again, this one incorporates a personal favorite element – the rounded appearance.  The curled leaves give this vase texture and the hint of green that darkens closer to the vase’s bottom allows for a perfect contrast. It measures 6 ¼” in height and 6 ¼” in width.  It’s in mint condition and incorporates those important elements that define quality contemporary art pottery.

Those who are especially fond of art pottery tiles will appreciate the Ephraim Faience Pottery Scenic Tile.  Blue and white glazes combine for an interesting and quite pretty appearance.  This tile is in excellent condition with two minute pops on the face of the tile. 

Speaking of Ephraim Faience Pottery, a rare vase that incorporates swirling leaves has recently been added.  It’s in mint condition with a bottom logo “A4”, which notates a trial glaze.  It’s one of the two trial Ephraim Faience Pottery vases stamped “Mary Pratt” included on the Just Arrived page.

For the high end arts and crafts pottery collector, there is a nice collection of Newcomb College Pottery vases and a bowl that has just been added to the available inventory.   The Newcomb bowl decorated with 4 o'clock flowers by Henrietta Bailey is my personal favorite.

Finally, a vintage Monmouth Sleepy Eye Pottery Pitcher Native American vase must be included in Bailey this post; partly because of the deep blue it incorporates, but mostly because of the overall appearance of this pitcher.  It stands 8 ¾” tall and measures 9 ¼” wide.  It really is a remarkable art pottery pitcher and the off white foundation gives way for the blue handle and Indian profile to take center stage.

See for yourself these and all the Just Art Pottery new arrivals.  And as always, check back often – new arrivals move fast!

Donna McGill – Just Art Pottery

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