Collecting and Decorating with Art Pottery Shapes

Jard Most of us have our favorite art pottery collections.  Whether it’s the glaze lines associated with Rookwood Pottery or the architectural pieces that are part of Teco Pottery, there’s usually something that pulls us back, again and again, to our favorite pottery line.

There are those who, much as they’re loyal to their favorite pottery lines, collect the pieces or similar shapes across the lines.  Vases, jardinières, pitchers and wall pockets are just a few forms that make up pottery collections.  A collection of book ends or umbrella stands can really bring a room to life.  The textures and contrasts play off the others, bringing art pottery collecting to a new level.  Consider these:

·         Candle Holders – Candle holders are a great place to start.  The varying heights add dimension and you can easily find those that follow a similar color scheme or design.  Try a pair of Roseville Pottery Velmoss Scroll Candle Holders grouped with the Weller Pottery Roma Comport Vases.  While both are taller, the Weller vases measure 9” in height and the Roseville Pottery holders measure 10” in height, they both begin with the lighter ivory colors and that allow the greens and reds to play off of.  Note the design elements along the bottom of the Weller vases and the textures provided via the vining and flowers on the Roseville Pottery candle holders.

·         Jardinieres also provide many opportunities to combine different elements.  From a smaller, rounded and footed Roseville Pottery jardiniere to a smaller console bowl, there are many ways to really allow your creative efforts take over.  Imagine the glossy grays and darker blues serving as a beautiful background for the cherries along the rim of the Weller Pottery Etna Four Handled Jardiniere.  Continue the color trend with a taller Roseville Pottery Snowberry Blue Jardiniere.  The height differences are significant, so select a few other pieces that allow those height sizes to flow seamlessly.

Remember it’s all about creating a look that defines your preferences and your personality.  The Candle sky’s the limit.  The best part, of course, is the versatility of any collection.  You can always add, take away and move around your various collections.  While you might have loved that collection of candle holders on your dining room table, you might now believe it will be a beautiful addition to your mantle piece.  That should always be your guiding factor – whatever you think works best in your home.

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