Newcomb Pottery Exhibition – Tulane University

New Fans of Newcomb Pottery have an opportunity to visit the Newcomb Art Gallery, located on the Tulane University campus, for what’s sure to be an incredible viewing of pieces from the gallery’s permanent collection.  The exhibition is available between August 24 and October 17, 2010.  Here are a few things you’ll discover:

The recent acquisition of a large 1902 vase, complete with stylized rock purslane motif, will be on display within the Angela Gregory Gallery.  Another rare opportunity is presented with the showing of the Hollyhock vase.  You’ll remember this vase, decorated in 1900 by Ada Lonnegan, was a part of the Smithsonian Institution’s 1984 exhibition, Newcomb Pottery: An Enterprise for Southern Women, 1895-1940. 

This exhibition, which was organized by the gallery’s own Sally Main, who is also the gallery’s Senior Curator, and in consultation with Newcomb Art Department Emeritus Professor Dr. Jessie Poesch, will also showcase previously stored and rarely seen Newcomb Pottery pieces.  This exhibition will run simultaneously with Voices Inside: The Form and Function of Baskets.

The gallery, and Tulane University as a whole, suffered damage during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Since then, and with much personal sacrifice, the staff has worked tirelessly to rebuild the gallery and is once again drawing international audiences.  This is a perfect time to make your way to New Orleans.  It’s beautiful this time of year and the city itself offers much culture and character. 

To get you ready for the exhibition, browse through our collection of Newcomb Pottery and if you’d New1 like more information on the Newcomb Pottery Gallery, Tulane University or the exhibition itself, be sure to visit the site at or call 504-314-2406.  Again, this is an event that’s not likely to repeat anytime in the near future, so if at all possible, Newcomb Pottery fans should try to attend.

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