Displaying Your Art Pottery Collection

Cherry Blossom 2

We’ve written about the different ways art pottery can be displayed. Many of us like to keep our specific lines together, opting to create a space for our Roseville Pottery and another area in our homes we reserve for perhaps a lovely collection of Rookwood Pottery. Still, there are those of us who love nothing more than to find a common denominator between several collections; perhaps it’s a floral theme or maybe shades of greens and blues, and then create an eclectic array that brings out the beauty in each unique piece. Regardless of your preferences, there are a few things to keep in mind as you set about creating that display space. Here are a few tips we’ve learned over the years that may help in your efforts.

As always, you want to find an area – whether it’s a beautiful curio cabinet or mantelpiece – that’s free of heavy traffic. We’ve all had those heart stopping moments when we’ve watched helplessly as a treasured Weller Pottery vase has taken a hard fall and crashed into a hundred pieces. You want it to be seen, but out of harm’s way, too.
The problem some of us run into with keeping our pottery collections out of harm’s way is that it often means it’s not in a direct line of vision, either. To this end, track lighting might be an affordable way to display your art pottery while drawing the eye to the showcase of your den or living room (or any other room you choose). Fortunately, there are many fine contemporary lighting options that allow you do just that, without the fixture itself being


intrusive. Consider a ceiling mount light. These are generally narrow and small in size, but their adjustable sockets allow you to direct the light to just where you want it to be. There are also wall mount options that you can easily adjust as well. The sky’s the limit.
Regardless of how you display your collections, keep in mind you’re adding beauty, warmth and texture to the room, but you’re also honoring the art pottery line itself and in fact, the artist whose hands created it. Have photos of your display? Send them to us! We’d love to see your great ideas and how you’ve managed to incorporate art pottery into your home’s décor.

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