Top Roseville Pottery Patterns for October 2010

Overall, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of searches for Roseville Pottery in October.  The increase in searches has translated into more active buying and selling as sales have been strong for many of the floral 1940s Roseville patterns.Pine Cone

It has also been encouraging to see an increase in interest in the more expensive middle period Roseville patterns such as Artcraft, Baneda, Blackberry, Cherry Blossom, Sunflower, Wisteria, etc. This is encouraging economic news for the antique industry in general and more specifically the art pottery market. 

So what specific Roseville patterns are collectors and dealers searching for?  The ten most searched Roseville Pottery Patterns at for October 2010 are summarized below. Roseville Pine Cone was by far the more searched pattern of Roseville. Pine Cone was searched 170 times more than Apple Blossom which was number two in the rankings. As usual, 1940s floral patterns dominated the Roseville searches this month. Sunflower was the only other middle period pattern to make the top ten.

1. Pine Cone (unchanged)Apple Blossom

2. Apple Blossom (unchanged)

3. Magnolia (up one spot from last month)

4. Magnolia (down one spot from last month)

5. Zephyr Lily (up one spot from last month)

6. Bushberry (down one spot from last month)

7. Clematis (unchanged)

8. White Rose (up one spot from last month)Magnolia

9. Snowberry (unchanged)

10. Sunflower (not in the top 10 last month)

Other popular Roseville pottery patterns just outside the top 10 were Baneda, Water Lily, Peony, Bleeding Heart and Fuchsia.

Greg Myroth

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