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Roseville Pottery Vista Line

The line of Roseville Pottery Vista was introduced in 1920.  Not surprisingly, it’s highly sought after and actually one of the more popular lines of Roseville Pottery, though it can sometimes be difficult to find- which naturally lends to the attraction.  One of more interesting aspects of this line is courtesy of the artists; those efforts lend to a certain dimension at first glance, almost as though you’re looking straight through the piece.  This was achieved by varying heights with the glazing efforts along the bottom of the pieces. [Read more…]

Just Art Pottery New Arrivals

It’s that time of the year again where it seems all any of us do is scramble to make every moment count during the holidays.  One of the best things about this time of year is decorating.  Christmas trees, the festive dinnerware and of course, the ribbons, bells and mistletoe – it’s all part of the presentation.  That said, part of my efforts include bringing some of my most prized art pottery pieces down from the top shelves and putting them front and center.  I incorporate some of my cherished George Ohr pottery pieces into my mantelpiece that’s draped with pine and tiny white lights.   Of course, McCoy Pottery is where it all began for me; my kitchen is home to those whimsical pieces I’m so drawn to. [Read more…]