Roseville Pine Cone

There is no shortage of beautiful Roseville Art Pottery lines; each has its own distinct feel and look and collectors are drawn to their favorites for any number of reasons. One of those Roseville Pottery lines has really gone the distance and has maintained its popularity as much today as when it was first released. That line is the Roseville Pine Cone.

It was launched in the mid-1930s and is considered a middle period line. The primary colors are brown (because of the varied pine cones), blue and green. An especially interesting fact about this Roseville line is the way it’s sometimes easily dated. Those pieces made between 1935 and 1939 have die impressed marks with “Roseville” written in script. The shape number and size is almost always included. Those pieces that were made after 1939 have raised characters molded into the bottom. It’s important to note, too, that because foil labels were often used in those early days, it’s not impossible to find Roseville Pine Cone pieces unmarked. There are some that are even marked with crayons.

Part of the attraction with this lovely Roseville line is the many vases, wall pockets, baskets and bowls – and each can be found in various sizes. This is always a bonus for Roseville Pine Cone collectors who like to group their collections together. Nothing gives dimension and depth better than similar designs in a variety of heights and widths. In fact, there are two cornucopias in this Roseville line and no fewer than four flower frogs.

Needless to say, the Roseville Pine Cone collection is one of Roseville Pottery’s most profitable and popular. Whether it’s the Roseville 10” vase with a unique throat and double handles or the more conservative Roseville ashtrays, this will forever be a beautiful addition to any collector’s prized possessions.

As always, we love to see your photographs. Take a few pictures of your favorite Roseville Pine Cone piece and share them with us and we’ll be more than happy to share with our readers too.

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