A Look at Fulper Pottery

Founded in 1805 by the Fulper brothers, this New Jersey pottery has remained synonymous with an evolving northeastern pottery company. What began as a drain tile manufacturing company quickly evolved into a pottery company known for its Fulper doll heads, beautiful book ends and multicolored and multi-shaped vases, statues and even kitchenware.

Unlike other pottery companies, Fulper Pottery consistently, from the beginning, marked its wares with back stamping of an oval trademark and pattern name. Contracts began rolling in once the company transitioned to an art pottery company and soon, thousands of Fulper Pottery pieces were being sold around the nation.

Fulper Pottery, though, didn’t have an easy road to its ultimate success. In September, 1929, the Flemington, New Jersey Plant burned in its entirety. It was a blow to the town; Fulper Pottery was one of the largest employers in the entire region. Many employees were able to transfer to the Trenton, New Jersey plant. It was then that Fulper Pottery became Stangl Pottery. Then, in 1940, Stangl released what is described as a “fine grade” of hand crafted and hand decorated dinnerware. Each collection incorporated lovely designs; though there was one more element that really set these designs apart. Stangl Pottery introduced for the first time a revolutionary carving process. Using special tools, the designers carefully carved those subtle those distinctive designs that culminated into beautifully decorated finished pieces.

By the time the 1950s rolled around, Stangl released its Antique Gold pottery line. These wares are easily identified via their 22 karat gold hand brushed embellishments. It’s absolutely stunning against the matte green glaze. So popular was the line, that soon Granada Gold, with 22 karat gold brushed over a striking turquoise finish and Black Gold, which is painted over a handsome and inky black finish were released. The final piece in this unique line was the Platina, which is hand brushed with platinum for a brushed silver finish.

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