Rookwood Pottery Finds

Fans of Rookwood Pottery might not agree on which particular lines rein supreme, but they do agree that Rookwood Pottery as a whole is a remarkable collection and a testament to the true artists who defined the pottery line. Take a look at some of the exciting Rookwood Pottery pieces we’ve recently added:

The Rookwood Pottery 1887 Dull Finish Vase 238 Bookprinter is a rare find and is in mint condition. The low gloss finish is perfect against the beautiful golds and blues is simply stunning. Note the gold ribbed banding around the smallest dimension of the neck and the unobtrusive blue flowering and vining. The vase is 11” tall and measures 4 1/4” at its widest point. Truly, this is a beautiful addition to any Rookwood Pottery collection.

Another rare find is the Rookwood Pottery 1914 Baldwin Piano Tray. This detailed piece combines shades of browns and offers both a sleek and textured feel. It’s an advertising tray that was produced for Baldwin Piano. It’s in excellent condition with two small pinhead-sized nicks to the piano. It’s marked “Baldwin” on the tray and on the bottom, you’ll find the Rookwood Pottery logo, the date and “THE BALDWIN PIANO CO. CINCINATTI USA”. It measures 1 3/4” height and 5” wide. It’s another great addition for your Rookwood Pottery collection.

For many of us, the more detailed a piece is, the more extraordinary it becomes. That’s the case with the Rookwood Pottery 1914 Scenic Vellum vase. The detailing in the tree trunks and limbs, along with the hues of gold found in the bushes and ground scenes add to the beauty of this vase. With an easy light pink background, along with a bluish-gray backdrop in the artist’s efforts, this is an easy color combination that flows seamlessly throughout the vase. The crazing in the glaze can be seen in the photos and for many of us, that certainly adds to the texture and personality of the piece as a whole. It measures 11” high and is 5 3/4” wide. Another beauty, courtesy of Rookwood Pottery.

These are just a few of the wonderful Rookwood Pottery pieces you’ll find. Browse them all and as always, keep checking back as we have new additions quite often.

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