Rookwood Pottery: Standard Glaze

If you’re looking for a great way to break into the Rookwood Pottery sector, you might want to consider the Standard Glaze ware line.

It’s not hard to find a Rookwood Pottery line that’s elegant, with depth and extremely detailed. The Standard Glaze (also known as the Brown Glaze) line is a perfect example of what embodies the collective Rookwood Pottery brand. It’s recognized most often by the “Standard Brown” glaze that gives off rich, deep orange hues and various shades of brown that meld together flawlessly. You might also notice deep green hues, too. The colors are indicated in the shading efforts that go from darker to lighter, usually from the top down. It’s often described with adjectives such as “hard”, “clear” and “fine” and all are perfectly true.

The line itself is predominantly decorated with floral and/or leaf patterns, including dogwood blossoms. Also, there are a precious few that had portraits of important people of the times, animals, Native Americans and believe it or not, ghosts were sometimes used, which surely added quite the dramatic tone, especially considering the time period.

Speaking of dramatic tones, there were very interesting shape elements, too. The Two-Handled Chalice Vase, included in the 1895 line, is aptly named. The matching dual handles, circular and narrow, only added to the beauty of the design as a whole. They’re almost always marked with the artist’s name, the year it was produced, the type of clay and glaze used as well as the size marking.

You’ll find candlesticks, smaller cabinet vases, floor vases, tea sets and even umbrella stands in the Standard Glaze. Considered quite affordable, it’s a great investment for those who collect Rookwood Pottery.

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