What Art Pottery Consumers Should Expect

There are so many American art pottery lovers who are leery about purchases they make. It’s understandable; there are plenty of unethical dealers who are less interested in maintaining the authenticity of the sector and more interested in taking the money and running. There exists a code of ethics and reputable sellers adhere to these rules and are committed to running honest, above the board businesses. Here is the foundation in which Just Art Pottery operates.

The American Art Pottery Association is responsible for defining what those business practices and ethics are. One of the most important guidelines is that sellers must adhere to any contract, either verbal or written. Those art pottery dealers who are dedicated to the industry will not rescind a contractual offer, but instead, will honor it.

Not only that, but today’s art pottery is often bought and sold online. This presents unique challenges for businesses that are seeking to build trust in the community. It’s challenging because as consumers, we’re all leery of what we purchase online. We’re worried about our financial information floating around and we’re worried that we’ll receive something and discover it’s nothing like it was advertised. All it takes is one person who doesn’t respect good business habits to make things hard for all others. That’s why it’s even more important that a seller accurately demonstrate any damage. Ideally, he will provide clear photos so that consumers can make informed decisions. Further, ensuring the prices are prominently displayed is also important; it’s all about transparency.

Despite a seller’s best efforts, sometimes damage isn’t pointed out until after the piece has been bought and shipped to its new owner. A reputable company will make it right. More importantly, a company must provide definitive policies so that its customers will make their selections with fewer worries about what his options are should the product not live up to his expectations.

The dynamics associated with art pottery dealers are poles apart from those who sell new merchandise or other retailers. We’re buying and selling pieces that have been owned by others and that have been around for decades – that’s the whole purpose, right? That doesn’t mean quality isn’t an important element.

For the vast majority of sellers, these rules are no-brainers and for Just Art Pottery, we take great pride in putting these practices in place every day. If you haven’t browsed our inventory lately, now’s a great time – we have many outstanding new arrivals that we’re excited about. Have comments or feedback? Drop us a line or join the conversation on Facebook.


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