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New Additions of Roseville Patterns Available at Just Art Pottery

It’s always exciting when we add a new arrival from a Roseville Pottery pattern and we’ve recently added several pieces of Roseville in different patterns on our New Arrivals page.

Roseville Baneda bowl

The Roseville Baneda pattern is a favorite among many collectors. It’s the color hues that are remarkable. Even those who prefer the traditional single-color matte finishes often remark on the vivid and bright presentation these color choices bring to this pattern. We have a couple of new Baneda pieces we’ve just added. The Roseville Baneda green vase offers those low resting handles that are always popular. Remember, this pattern was often marked with the foil labels – and this vase has its intact. It’s a lovely piece in mint condition- definitely worth a look.

Our second Baneda new arrival is the classic green jardinière. It’s in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, damage or repairs of any kind. This piece is marked with a red crayon, which is also another popular way of marking these patterns. It’s a nice size, coming in it 4 ¼ inches in height and at its widest, it measures 5 ¾ inches.

And speaking of those vivid color schemes, we also just added a Roseville Wisteria tan bowl as well as a Wisteria tan vase. The greens, purples and yellows in varying hues really define this pattern. Of course, the purple is shown on the grapes and both are perfect for placing in your kitchen.

Both are in mint condition and the bowl measures 4 ¼ inches tall and 6 inches wide while the vase measures 8 ¼ inches in height and is 7 inches wide.

This is just a few of our new arrivals and as always, check in often – you never know what you’ll find.

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Roseville Falline

The Roseville Falline line is one of the smallest collections in Roseville Pottery, with just 16 roseville fallinepieces. Considered a middle period Art Deco line, it was introduced in 1933. Many collectors use the word “elegant” to describe this line – and rightfully so. Frank Ferrell was the primary designer and the Falline line (“Fay Leen”), is easily identified because of the pea pods that adorn the various pieces. They run vertically, each with handles on both sides. There were two color patterns, those with various browns and greens and the more popular blue/green/yellow combinations.

The Art of Roseville Falline

The artistic efforts, even though they were pea pods, are quite beautiful.

Many of the pieces are darker or of different colors the closer to the top you get. It adds a certain dimension and because it’s unlike most other art pottery pieces of that era, it’s likely one reason people describe it as elegant and sophisticated.

Sometimes artists attempt to present a simple effort. They want the color combinations or perhaps the quality of the product to shine through. It’s not known, of course, if this was Ferrell’s purpose, regardless, it quickly became – and remains so today – one of the most loved Roseville Pottery lines.

Middle Period

Remember, this line was introduced in 1933, the same year Baneda, with its stunning shapes and hues, Blackberry, known for the nature motif of leaves and berries and Primrose, the lighter more feminine offering of the day, made their debuts. These middle period collections reveal the best of Roseville Pottery and its artists.

With just 16 items in this collection, mostly bowls, candlesticks and pitchers of varying sizes, it’s one of those highly sought after patterns.

If you collect Falline, you likely know how rare it is to find. It’s an art pottery collector’s dream.