Top 10 Roseville Pottery Patterns Searched for in September 2010

The ten most searched Roseville Pottery Patterns at for September 2010 are Futura summarized below.  With the exception of the ever popular Roseville Pine Cone pattern, 1940s floral patterns dominated the searches this month.  It is interesting to note not a single middle period pattern made the top ten.    

1. Pine Cone

2. Apple Blossom 

3. Freesia

4. Magnolia

5. Bushberry

6. Zephyr Lily

7. Clematis

8.  Water Lily

9. Snowberry

10.  White Rose

Just outside the top 10 were Sunflower and Baneda. 


Roseville Pine Cone Pottery Marks

A new Roseville pottery collector who inherited a few pieces of brown Pine Cone asked for clarification on why some pieces are marked and others are unmarked.  He was also concerned that the unmarked vases and those pieces with marks that did not include USA may be non-vintage or reproductions.

Pine Cone was probably the most popular pattern of Roseville from its introduction in 1935 throughout its years of production.  As a result of this popularly and the resulting extended years of production, Pine Cone is one of the few Roseville patterns that was marked four different ways including:

  1. Foil labels were used in 1935.  Typically these labels are missing leaving the piece unmarked. Some examples of Roseville Pine Cone from this time period were also marked with a hand written shape number in crayon.  2692
  2. Die-impressed (incised) mark including Roseville (in script) and the shape number and size such as 632-6.  The 632 is the shape number for a jardiniere and the 6 indicated that the inside diameter of the jardiniere is 6".  It is very important to note the mark used between 1936 and 1939 did not include USA.  A very common misperception among new Roseville collectors is that pieces without the USA mark are reproductions.   2977
  3. Starting in 1940, Pine Cone was marked with a raised and molded mark that included Roseville USA and the size and shape number.  It is believed that in the early 1940s Roseville Pottery ended production of the Pine Cone pattern.  The raised USA  Pine Cone mark is probably the least common of the four variations.  DSC5457
  4. In 1953 Roseville Pottery reintroduced the Pine Cone pattern.  These later Pine Cone pieces were marked with the raised Roseville USA script mark along with the shape number and size.  Some of the Pine Cone Modern pieces are also marked with a die-impressed PINE CONE. Pine Cone Modern included 51 shapes according to the factory brochure.  Each of the Pine Cone Modern shapes were assigned shape numbers in the 400s. Pine Cone Modern remained very popular until the Roseville factory was sold in 1954.   PICT6809

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Roseville Pottery Marks

Help Identify this Clock Cookie Jar

Art Pottery Blog readers I need your help. We just got a large estate collection of older cookie jars.  I have been learning a lot over the last week or so regarding the various makers and years of production for Brush, McCoy, Abingdon and other cookie jar manufacturers. 

However, the clock cookie jar below has me stumped.  The photo of the bottom isn't the best but the mark on the bottom of the jar is USA 203.  I was guessing the cookie jar was McCoy but I can't find it in any of my pottery reference books. I know Abingdon made a similar clock cookie jar but the lid is different and the mark is not Abingdon.  I know there are a lot of antique cookie jar experts out there so I look forward to your assistance in helping me figure out if this is an old jar or a reproduction and who made it.



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Brush – McCoy Cookie Jars

Between 1954 and 1971, the Brush Pottery company produced over 50 novelty cookie jars.


It is important to note that in 1925, the Brush-McCoy Pottery name was changed to Brush Pottery. Many of the Brush cookie jars were designed by twin bothers Don and Ross Winton.  The twins did a lot of free-lance design for various pottery makers. Below is a listing of many of the Brush cookie jars.

1954 Cookie Jars

  • Cow W10
  • Formal Pig W7
  • Elephant Planter W8

1955 Cookie Jars

  • Circus Horse W10
  • Teddy Bear W14
  • Squirrel W15

1956 Cookie Jars

  • Davy Crockett
  • Peter Pan
  • Red Riding Hood K24
  • Little Boy Blue K25
  • Old Clock W20

1958 Cookie Jars


  • Teddy Bear W14
  • Little Girl O17
  • Granny O19

1959 Cookie Jars

  • Raggedy Ann W16
  • Humpty Dumpty W18
  • Panda W21
  • Clown W22
  • Old Shoe W23
  • Pumpkin W24

1960 Cookie Jars

  • Happy Bunny W25

1961 Cookie Jars

  • Laughing Hippo W27

1962 Cookie Jars

  • Squirrel on a Log W26
  • Treasure Chest W28
  • Humpty Dumpty K29
  • Cookie House W31
  • Cinderella Pumpkin W32

1963 Cookie Jars

  • Gas Lamp K1
  • Three Bears K2


1964 Cookie Jars

  • Donkey and Cart W33

1965 Cookie Jars

  • Pig Bank 837
  • Donkey and Cart W33

1966 Cookie Jars

  • Puppy Police W39
  • Sitting Pig W37
  • Chick in Nest W38

1968 Cookie Jars

  • Owl W40
  • Stylized Cat W41
  • Hill Billy Frog W43

1969 Cookie Jars

  • Chicken on Nest W44
  • Happy Hippo W45
  • Bear W46

1971 Cookie Jars

  • Touring Car W53
  • Dog and Basket W54
  • Boy with Ballons W56
  • Western Horse W55
  • Fish W52

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Record Sale Price for Roseville Futura Vase at Auction

A rare and exceptional Roseville Futura "tank" vase in an orange and blue mottled glaze recently sold on Futura Tank an eBay auction for a record price of $11,656.99.   Bidding on the vase was very competitive with three different bidders placing bids over $10,000 for the vase. The Roseville Futura tank was described as being in excellent condition with only a small chip to the upper rim of the vase.  

The "tank" is the rarest and most-sought after form in the highly collectible Roseville futura line of 78 different art deco shapes.  Roseville Futura is a middle period pattern that was introduced in 1928.  All forms in the pattern are highly sought-after by modern and art deco collectors.  Pottery collectors have such high regard for the pattern that each of the 78 different art deco shapes have been given their own nickname. 

One of the last reported auction sales of the Roseville Futura tank was by Rago Arts in 2003. At that time an example with a chip to the base sold for $10,000 at a live auction.  

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Top 10 Roseville Pottery Searches – July 2009

The top ten most searched Roseville Pottery patterns on for July 2009 are below: DSC_7794

  1. Apple Blossom – Up from one spot from last month.
  2. Freesia – Up one spot from last month
  3. Pine Cone – Down two spots from last month
  4. Magnolia – Up one spot from last month
  5. Bushberry – Down one spot from last month
  6. Snowberry – Not in the top 10 last month
  7. Bleeding Heart – Up three spots from last month
  8. Peony – No change from last month
  9. Zephyr Lily – Down three spots from last month
  10. Fuchsia – Up one spot from last month

Notable Roseville pottery patterns just outside the top ten include Foxglove, Sunflower, and BanedaWhite Rose was the 9th most popular searched Roseville pottery pattern last month but was not among the top searches for July 2009.

Once again, in July there is a strong preference, at least in terms of search volume, for the less expensive, later period Roseville floral patterns.  However, sales of the more expensive middle period patterns such as Blackberry, Sunflower and Baneda were quite strong during the month.

For comparison purposes, the top ten most searched Roseville Pottery patterns on for June 2009 are below: DSC_0804z

  1. Pinecone
  2. Apple Blossom
  3. Freesia
  4. Bushberry
  5. Magnolia
  6. Zephyr Lily
  7. Sunflower
  8. Peony
  9. White Rose
  10. Bleeding Heart

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McCoy Pottery Prices

Two McCoy floral vases recently sold on online through ebay for over $200. The first vase was a 1940s floral vase in a pink glaze and it sold for $204.50.  The 7" vase was in mint condition and is shown below.  The vase is also referenced in The Collectors Encyclopedia of McCoy Pottery by Sharon and Bob Huxford on page 141.

McCoy Pink Floral Vase

The second McCoy vase and my personal favorite of the two was a 1940s 8" vase decorated with molded tulips in a clean, white glaze. This vase was in mint condition and sold for $239.16.  This vase is also below and is shown in the green version in The Collectors Encylopedia of McCoy Pottery by Sharon and Bob Huxford on page 133.  

McCoy White Tulip Vase

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Roseville Pine Cone Video on YouTube

I have my daughter Taylor to thank for the first video on Roseville Pottery. The video provides some photos of the various examples of Pine Cone we have sold over the last year or so. 

Hopefully if Taylor's willing there will be more videos to come.  You can check it out below or at this link on You Tube.

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Roseville Pottery Page on You Tube

Record Sale Price for Ephraim Pottery Tile

A scarce Ephraim Faience Pottery River Falls tile sold recently sold on eBay for what is believed to be a record price of $510. 

Ephraim Pottery discontinued making tiles in 2004.  Records show approximately 30 different tiles were produced although I suspect there are other experimental or non-standard product development tiles out there.

The River Falls tile was discontinued in 2004 after a production run of 234 pieces.  The tile originally retailed for $58.  It is a very beautiful and highly decorative piece and not a bad return on your investment.   

Ephraim tile

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Roseville Pottery – Top Art Deco Patterns

A mid century modern collector/decorator just asked me the other day, "What are the best art deco patterns produced by Roseville?"

So here is my top 10 list for collectors and decorators interested in art deco or mid-century modern pottery by Roseville:

1. Futura – Probably very little debate that this is the most popular art deco pattern produceDSC08605d by  Roseville or probably any other American art pottery maker for that matter.

2. Moderne – The handles and designs on the pattern make this a very popular deco pattern.

3. Artwood – This art deco pattern has become really hot with mid century modern collectors. We recently got a nice collection of Artwood and it has been selling rapidly.

4. Raymor Modern Stoneware – A popular mid-century modern dinnerware line designed by Ben Seibel.

5. Ming Tree This Roseville pattern offers bright colors and a nice Chinese modern style.

6. Rozane Patterns – Simple classical shapes with matte or glossy glazes.  This pattern is


gaining in popularity. 

7. Wincraft – Very affordable Roseville mid-century modern style produced in colorful blue, green and tan high gloss glazes.

8. Mayfair – This is an art deco pattern that has historically been under appreciated by Roseville collectors. It is finally starting to see an increase in collector interest.

9.  Dawn – Very collectible Roseville pattern with pleasing art deco shapes. It is hard to find this  pattern without minor damage to the corners.

10. Orian -  Simple art deco modern shapes produced in standard colors of high glaze red, blue, tan and yellow.

DSC_6803  DSC_1791

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