University of North Dakota Pottery History

The Ceramics Department at the University of North Dakota School of Mines (UND) produced art pottery between 1910 and 1949. The University established the Ceramics Department at the urging of Earle Babcock. The department hired Margaret Cable from the Pottery Shop of the Handicraft Guild in Minneapolis to be the instructor in 1910. Pict2677

Hildegarde Fried joined the UND Ceramics Department in 1918. Other recognized names at the University include Julia Mattson who was hired in 1924 as an art pottery instructor. Margaret Cable’s sister Flora Cable Huckfield also came to work at UND in 1924.

Julia Mattson and Margaret Cable are probably the most sought-after artists associated with UND art pottery. Ms. Cable and her sister Flora Cable Huckfield left the University of North Dakota School of Mines in 1949 and both passed away in 1960. Julia Mattson left the Ceramics Department in 1963 and passed away in 1967.

The most highly regarded examples of North Dakota School of Mines art pottery include the vases and bowls decorated with sgaffito designs of western scenes including cowboys, cowgirls, buffalo, oxen, covered wagons, etc.

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