Decorating for the Holidays with American Art Pottery


We know how beautiful art pottery is in our homes.  It adds elegance and beauty to any home décor.  But how often do we incorporate it into our holiday design schemes?  We get so wrapped up in making sure the turkey's perfect, the cream cheese icing is just sweet enough and the table is flawless in its presentation.  Here are a few ideas that will bring that elegance to your holiday decorating by incorporating your art pottery collection:

  • Do you collect Roseville pitchers?  If so, why not make a centerpiece for your dinner table or dress up your dining accent table with a few of your favorites?  Just keep in mind little ones who are as excited about the holidays as we are.  Be sure to keep them protected as you showcase them.
  • The Roseville Pottery Snowberry Tea Set is another beautiful way to adorn your dining area.  Place it near the coffee pot, hot tea or hot chocolate area to beautifully designate the area.
  • Line your counter area with your McCoy cookie jar collections.  The delightful characters McCoy is so well known for will have the little ones asking which one the cookies are hidden in.
  • Place decorative soaps into one your art pottery baskets (think Rookwood) in your bathroom for an elegant touch.  Be sure to coordinate the soap color with the basket color.
  • Place after-dinner mints in one of your hearty Fulper Art Pottery bowls.
  • Select your favorite Van Briggle vase to place a dried floral arrangement as your dining table centerpiece.
  • Collect Teco Art Pottery vases?  They make a stunning collage when grouped together on a mantelpiece.  Combine the aquas, browns and blues for even more flair.  Accent them with sprigs of holly for more color.
  • Arrange your wall pockets in your dining room for an instant conversation piece.Teaset

It's important to remember to only use those pieces in ways you're most comfortable with.  Although you want to showcase your art pottery collection, remember it's an investment and if you're uncomfortable with any of it being too easily accessed by excited kids or slippery fingers, play it safe.  There are ways to incorporate the great American art potters' work in other ways that protect them. 

Donna McGill – Just Art Pottery

Top 10 Roseville Pottery Searches for September, 2009

Leaves are falling and Fall has officially arrived.  You can almost sense the seasons changing. Bleedingheart And speaking of changes, there were some shifts in the top Roseville pottery searches during September.  Apple Blossom, a personal favorite, maintains its top spot. Where does your favorite Roseville rank?

Pine Cone– This pattern, introduced in the mid-1930s has over 90 patterns.  It remains a favorite Roseville pattern for many collectors.


Freesia– The Freesia window boxes are beautiful Roseville pieces to own.  The blues, browns and greens come together in the Freesia patterns to present an elegant look.


Bushberry– The Roseville Bushberry is all about texture.  The Bushberry Blue Cornucopia is the perfect recommendation for those just discovering Roseville.


Magnolia– This is another Roseville introduction made in the mid-1940s.  These Magnolia themed pottery selections are beautiful additions for any Roseville collection.


Bleeding Heart- It's been said two collectors who both insist Bleeding Heart is the best of Roseville will each have a list of completely different reasons.  The matte finishes enhance the beauty.


Snowberry – The Roseville Snowberry Vases are exceptional!  Most are between 6 and 8 inches in height and display lovely blues, greens and pinks.


White Rose – The Roseville White Rose is still a collector's favorite.  The delicate blues and greens beautifully frame the white roses these Roseville pieces are named for.


Futura– The epitome of Art Deco, the Roseville Futura is found with many colors and is a bit more contemporary.


Peony– Many collectors admire the Roseville Peony collection because of the green colorings.  Indeed, they blend beautifully with the yellows, whites and pinks.  The Peony collection is another excellent recommendation for those just beginning to collect art pottery.

Peony It's worth mentioning Baneda, Clematis and Zephyr Lily was just shy of hitting the top ten for last month.  You never can tell, though.  They may claim the top three spots for October.

And there you have the ten most searched Roseville pottery searches.  Be sure to check back later this week for the Top 10 Pottery Searches for September.

Donna McGill


Just Art Pottery Launches Art Pottery Photo Contest on Facebook Fan Page! announces an art pottery photo contest for customers, collectors and admirers of American and European art pottery. The contest is being held on the Just Art Pottery Facebook page until September 25, 2009.

In order to participate in the art pottery photo contest you need to become a fan of the Just Art Pottery Facebook Fan Page.   If you don't already have a Facebook account you can easily sign up at

After becoming a fan you can post your photo showing your favorite piece of art pottery or your entire collection on display. Submitting your photo for the contest is easy.  From the wall post field on the Facebook fan page simply click on “Photo”, then “Upload a Photo” find your photo on your computer and then “Share”.

Facebook shot

The photo will automatically appear in the fan photos file.Just Art Pottery encourages collectors to share their photo in a “show and tell” manner by commenting on their photo and describing or telling a story about their art pottery piece.

The next step is simply to vote for your favorite art pottery photo. Fans will be able to vote for their favorites photos by clicking on the “Like” link under each photo. So even if you don't submit a photo for the contest you can still participate by voting for your favorite.

The photo that receives the most “Likes” will win a gift certificate worth $50 toward their next purchase from By submitting your photograph you agree that you hold the copyright and that it meets the Facebook guidelines described in their terms of service. ( You also grant and all associated websites;exclusive rights to publication of the photograph submitted with this entry without payment or compensation to you or to any of the subjects of the submitted photograph.

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Top 10 Pottery Searches on for July 2009

The top ten searched pottery categories on for July 2009 areRosecraft Panel listed below.  Notable changes for this month include Weller Pottery moving up from the 5th spot to 3rd spot and Ephraim Faience Pottery was replaced by Fulper Pottery in the 10th spot.  

1.  Roseville Pottery: Patterns A-E

2. Roseville Pottery: Patterns F-L

3. Weller Potter

4. Roseville Pottery: Patterns S-Z

5. Roseville Pottery: Patterns M-R

6. Rookwood Pottery

7. Van Briggle Pottery

8. McCoy Pottery

9. Newcomb Pottery

10. Fulper Pottery

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Social Media – Just Art Pottery

After much encouragement we are finally started to use social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. So if you are a member of either or are interested in joining see the links below to follow us on Twitter and become of fans of Just Art Pottery and Roseville Pottery on Facebook. 

We intend to the use the social media sites to better connect with collectors and to update customers on special sales and new additions to our inventory. We will also provide additional information related to art pottery.

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Top 10 Pottery Searches on for May 2009

The top ten searched pottery categories on for May 2009 are below:

Just Art Pottery Affiliate Program

After many requests we are finally ready to offer an affiliate program.   All you need to join our affiliate program is a website, newsletter or other means of promoting our art pottery. We can even pay commissions on phone orders you help generate.  We take care of all aspects of order processing and customer service.   

Our affiliate program is simple and here is how it works:  

  • Sign up. Once your application has been approved, we provide you with unique individual links to our website and product categories that you will need to provide to potential customers. 
  • Visitors to your site will click your links to come to our site and purchase items. When your referrals click through to Just Art Pottery using your links and purchase an item you will receive 5% of the sale value.  Our average order is over $450 so your commissions can add up fast. 
  • Our website software records your visitor's purchases and the revenue you earn on the sale.
  • Once a month or every other month if your balance is less than $20 we will send you payment for your sales.  Payment can be made by check or paypal.

All affiliate applications are reviewed for acceptance and affiliates must accept the following terms: 

  • If advertising our products on the web your website or blog must be of high quality and family friendly.  Prior to approval of your application we will discuss your proposed methods of marketing our products.  All marketing methods are subject to our approval. 
  • All emails must be sent to permission based lists only. We will not tolerate spamming of any type. 
  • We do not allow bidding on our key words or sponsored links using our key words in search engines.
  • We do not allow sponsored links using our business, website name or related copyrighted material.  
  • Our program is designed to reward affiliates for sending other customers to Just Art Pottery. Please note that commissions are not paid on sales made directly to our affiliates.

Who might be interested in joining our affiliate program:

  • Website owners
  • Blog writers
  • Pottery clubs and associations
  • Interior decorators and designers
  • Flower shops
  • Retailers of contemporary arts and crafts accessories
  • General line antique dealers looking to expand their product lines
  • Individuals with pottery collector friends who may not be internet savvy

Contact us today to sign up for the Just Art Pottery affiliate program or to discuss potential partnering ideas.

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Lots of Pots – Old House Interiors Article

The September/October issue of Old-House Interiors featured an article titled "Lots of Pots" which focused on early 20th century American art pottery as well as contemporary studio pottery.  The article included a nice summary of active contemporary studio potters including:Dsc_3945

  • Carol Mead
  • Common Ground
  • C. Powell Pottery
  • David Dreaching Pottery
  • Door Pottery
  • Ephraim Faience Pottery
  • Katrich Studios
  • Kreigh Art Ceramics
  • Lonesomeville Pottery
  • Nichibei Potters
  • Sassafras Pottery
  • Seiz Pottery
  • Studio 233
  • Suzanne Crane
  • Turtle Island Pottery
  • Verdant Tile Co.

The article also includes many photographs showing very decorative displays of Newcomb, Rookwood, Fulper, North Dakota, Van Briggle as well as numerous contemporary pots.  While the photographs and pottery displays are nicely done, a couple of the article’s photo captions are incorrect and somewhat comical.  One caption referring to a display of contemporary Van Briggle notes that "early Van Briggle is prized because it is dense and difficult to chip."  Another caption referring to a Rookwood elephant paperweight designed by McDonald introduced in 1925 and totally unrelated to Van Briggle notes that "Artus and Anna Van Briggle were sculptors at heart, as this 3-D elephant paperweight shows."

Still, if you are looking for a summary listings of historic potteries still in operation, studio potters, slip-cast pottery and porcelain as well as vintage, reproduction and studio pottery dealers, the article is worth checking out.

Greg Myroth – Shop For Contemporary Studio Pottery

Help Identifying A Mystery Piece of Pottery

A good friend sent the vase shown in the photos asking for our help in identifying the maker.  When he Dsc_3096 sent it to us, he thought it was Hampshire Pottery which I know it isn’t. 

Unfortunately I have no idea who made the piece.  I was thinking it may  be an European pot but that is a guess on my part.  I suspect one of our knowledgable readers will be able to positively identify the maker of this attractive arts and crafts style vase.  I would appreciate your assistance on this one!Dsc_3097

Greg Myroth

Anniversary Gifts for Pottery Lovers

Summer is wedding season, and that means many of us will be celebrating wedding anniversaries in the coming months.  No matter what month your anniversary is, though, it’s never easy to find just the right gift.  You want something unique, but not odd.  Original, but not useless.  And, of course, it has to be romantic.

The obvious answer is flowers.  Flowers have long been the ultimate expression of love and affection.  In fact, they’ve been an anniversary icon for so long that they’ve become a little predictable…unless you think outside the box.  Flowers in a vase are nice, but flowers on a vase are even better.   

Art pottery is inspired by nature, and many of the decorative themes are floral.  Your local florist may not have a fresh supply of clematis on hand to help you celebrate your 8th wedding anniversary, but you can easily find a Roseville Pottery piece that is beautifully decorated with this versatile flower.  Or how about an iris decorated piece by Rookwood Pottery for your 25th?  From Weller’s nasturtium designs to McCoy’s white lily bud vases, there is an art pottery piece for every anniversary.

Here’s a list of traditional anniversary flowers, just in case you don’t have them memorized.

  • 1st Wedding Anniversary – Pansy
  • 2nd Wedding Anniversary – Cosmos
  • 3rd Wedding Anniversary – Fuchsia
  • 4th Wedding Anniversary – Geranium
  • 5th Wedding Anniversary – Daisy
  • 6th Wedding Anniversary – Calla Lily
  • 7th Wedding Anniversary – Jack-in-the-Pulpit
  • 8th Wedding Anniversary – Clematis
  • 9th Wedding Anniversary – Poppy
  • 10th Wedding Anniversary – Daffodil
  • 11th Wedding Anniversary – Morning Glory
  • 12th Wedding Anniversary – Peony
  • 13th Wedding Anniversary – Hollyhock
  • 14th Wedding Anniversary – Dahlia
  • 15th Wedding Anniversary – Rose
  • 20th Wedding Anniversary – Day Lily
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary – Iris
  • 28th Wedding Anniversary – Orchid
  • 30th Wedding Anniversary – Sweet Pea
  • 40th Wedding Anniversary – Nasturtium
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary – Violet

For extra brownie points, try placing an arrangement of anniversary flowers in an arts and crafts vase decorated with the same theme.   A Weller Eocean vase brimming with pansies.  A Roseville Pottery basket full of cosmos.  There’s no better way to say I Love You!

Just Art Pottery