Art Pottery Place is Now Live

As many of our customers know, we have spent the summer months preparing for the big unveiling of Art Pottery Place.  We’re proud to announce that we brought it online this week!  We’re excited and it’s our hope you will be too. 

Header_brownlines Art Pottery Place is your source for buying and selling art pottery and is the eBay alternative for all things art pottery.  As many of you already know, Greg and Lana Myroth are the team behind Just Art Pottery and have been since its inception in 1997.  In that time, they have built the company into the reputable and reliable source for American and European pottery.  This is just a continuation of living their version of the American dream. 

Wondering what you can do on Art Pottery Place?  You can place a bid on any of the items listed and you can also create your own auction listings.  Registration is both easy and free.  Similar to eBay, you may, as the seller, set both a “Buy Now” price or accept offers, as well as participate in Dutch Auctions. Online auctions and fixed price sales are a lot of fun and we’ve designed our process in a streamlined manner so that you can make the most of your online art pottery buying and selling.

If you don’t wish to list your items within the auction or fixed price dynamics, you’re going to love our classified ads.  Here, you can upload images of your art pottery, communicate with potential buyers and set your asking price.  This too provides for a streamlined and easy to follow process so that you can stay focused on your buyers.  Once a buyer has shown interest and you complete the transaction, you can quickly pull your classified ad.

We know how much the art pottery community appreciates a good swap or trade for special vase.  We have incorporated this option into Art Pottery Place.  Upload your images, list your art pottery piece and then browse the other user’s offerings.  Find something you like?  Great! Just contact the owner and if he’s interested in any of your listings, you simply make the arrangements for shipment.  This is a fun new way of adding to your art pottery collection.

We offer several ways of searching the site for that special pottery vase, you’re going to enjoy a pleasurable visit to the Art Pottery Place site.  As always, we really appreciate your feedback – take a look around the site and then drop us a line and let us know your thoughts!  In the meantime, welcome to Art Pottery Place and we look forward to serving you with the same commitment to customer service and ethical business practices that you’ve come to expect from Just Art Pottery.

The Art Pottery Place Team

Just Art Pottery Launches Art Pottery Photo Contest on Facebook Fan Page! announces an art pottery photo contest for customers, collectors and admirers of American and European art pottery. The contest is being held on the Just Art Pottery Facebook page until September 25, 2009.

In order to participate in the art pottery photo contest you need to become a fan of the Just Art Pottery Facebook Fan Page.   If you don't already have a Facebook account you can easily sign up at

After becoming a fan you can post your photo showing your favorite piece of art pottery or your entire collection on display. Submitting your photo for the contest is easy.  From the wall post field on the Facebook fan page simply click on “Photo”, then “Upload a Photo” find your photo on your computer and then “Share”.

Facebook shot

The photo will automatically appear in the fan photos file.Just Art Pottery encourages collectors to share their photo in a “show and tell” manner by commenting on their photo and describing or telling a story about their art pottery piece.

The next step is simply to vote for your favorite art pottery photo. Fans will be able to vote for their favorites photos by clicking on the “Like” link under each photo. So even if you don't submit a photo for the contest you can still participate by voting for your favorite.

The photo that receives the most “Likes” will win a gift certificate worth $50 toward their next purchase from By submitting your photograph you agree that you hold the copyright and that it meets the Facebook guidelines described in their terms of service. ( You also grant and all associated websites;exclusive rights to publication of the photograph submitted with this entry without payment or compensation to you or to any of the subjects of the submitted photograph.

JustArtPottery Facebook Fan Page

Present Day Art Pottery Manufacturers Website

Although many of the great art pottery manufacturers closed their doors years ago, there are some remaining companies that still produce quality pottery pieces today.  The website Art Pottery Manufacturers and Collectors is a great resource for pottery enthusiasts who are interested in finding these active potteries.  Visitors will find links to over 30 different comtemporary pottery companies. 

In addition to the company links, this website provides a comprehensive list of collectors’ groups and museums dedicated to American pottery and ceramics.  There is also a calendar of upcoming events that are held in locations across the country.  Collectors who have events or information to add to the website are encouraged to contact the site’s owner Joe Ragosta.

Greg Myroth – Just Art Pottery

Showcase Your Pottery, Art, or Antique Collection

There is a new, free website, Squirl, which provides collectors an on line venue to showcase, inventory, or catalog their collectibles, art, and antiques of any kind and quantity.  The website is following the latest popular Internet trend of social networking websites.  Squirl offers many templates for different categories of antiques and collectibles and you can make your collection on the site private.  You can also do batch uploading of images.

There are features in place to allow messaging and commenting which can help you make connections and stay in contact with like-minded collectors.  It will be interesting to see if this site takes off and becomes a storehouse for collectors to inventory that art pottery or arts and crafts collection. 

Greg Myroth – Collecting Way Too Many Pots!

Shipping Service

This is definitely one of those "why didn’t I think of this ideas" I can’t help but share.  The October 2006 issue of Business 2.0 had a short write up on a new, one-stop, free shipping site  The site will allow customers to compare shipping services by price, carrier, or delivery time.  After comparing carriers you are able to print labels and ship items entirely through the Red Roller website.  In order to make sure the site is update on the latest shipping rates, Red Roller is directly connected to DHL, FedEx, USPS.  For some reason, UPS is not included in the offering at this point. 

Sounds like a great option for arts and crafts furniture buyers and sellers or frequent shippers of art pottery or anything else for that matter.

Greg Myroth – Shipping Lots of Pots