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By now, many Just Art Pottery clients head straight to the new inventory page on the website. It’s where collectors get a head start on finding those rare pieces they might have been seeking for years or they might find an unexpected gem. If you’ve not visited the New Additions page, here’s what you’re missing:

Cambridge Pottery Vase

This classic Cambridge Pottery vase is representative of everything that defined the American art pottery company; the glossy brown glaze being the most obvious. This vase stands 6” tall and is 4” wide. It’s in mint condition and that classic glossy glaze is emphasized with the floral pattern in rich hues of gold and orange. The shape itself adds to the appearance as it has a slight narrowing midway down the design. If you’re a Cambridge Pottery fan, this is a remarkable addition to any collection.

Door Pottery Art Deco Vase 

This is another must-see for anyone drawn to the more contemporary designs in this particular art sector. The matte glaze incorporates hues of brown, and at first glance, it could resemble wood. It’s a classic Door Pottery design, indicative of the art deco model it’s so well known for.

If you’re a collector of the traditional Zanesville potters and haven’t really considered some of the more modern lines, Door Pottery is a fine place to start. Admittedly, I have always been drawn to McCoy pieces and several Roseville patterns, but over the past year or so, I’ve found a new appreciation for these art deco lines and I can’t help but wonder why it took me so long to “discover” it.

Ephraim Faience “Black Bears in a Cave” Vase 

At first glance, unless you’re an avid Ephraim Faience collector, you might not recognize this vase as part of its collection. Of course, the attention to detail, the truly artistic ways the hues reflect off of the others and just the presentation in general gives it away. This vase is 10 ¼” tall and at its widest is 6 ½” wide.  There are a few other Ephraim Faience pieces available on the New Additions page, as well.

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Ephraim Faience Pottery

Anigif  As all Ephraim Faience Pottery fans know, this art pottery company still releases its hand thrown and decorated vases and other pottery in limited edition.  The photographs you see here just reinforce our appreciation of this modern art pottery line, each one with a striking background, courtesy of fellow Ephraim collectors Steve and Rose.  Steve has masterfully managed to incorporate elements of nature and used it to highlight the intricacies Ephraim Faience art pottery is so well known for.  Notice the Ephraim Trillium vase – this is one that remains as popular now as it was when it was released. The greens play off the whites in the flower for a soft glow that's incredibly difficult to replicate.  

We also have several current as well as early experimental examples of Ephraim Faience Pottery available on our New Products page, so if you're looking to add to your own collection, be sure to check these out.  Of course, you can always view Just Art Pottery's Ephraim Faience Pottery page for even more hard to find pieces from this investment quality contemporary art pottery.. 

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Donna McGill – Just Art Pottery

Ephraim Faience Pottery Photographs

Anigif We're so pleased our friends and fellow Ephraim Faience Pottery collectors, Steve and Rose, are allowing us to share with our readers these incredible photographs.  Notice the detail and depths of the colors.  The nuances are nothing short of exceptional and the way the colors become a part of the pottery is purely inspirational.  Enjoy!

The Top 10 Pottery Searches for August, 2009


Below are the top ten most searched pottery collections for August, 2009.  The searches reveal consistency with few changes.  Clearly, the trends for Roseville are still strong, as it dominates four of the ten spots.

Roseville Pottery- Patterns A-E – Some of the patterns in this group include the incredibly sought-after Roseville Apple Blossom, the delicate Roseville Azurean and the ambitious designs in Roseville Capri.

Roseville Pottery – Patterns F-L – This group includes the Roseville Juvenile and the Roseville Laurel.

Weller Pottery – Beautiful and deep coloring with lean lines define Weller Pottery.  A perfect example that defines the Weller Pottery themes is the Camelot Vase.

Roseville Pottery – Patterns S-Z – Look for the Roseville Savona with its rich gold coloring and the vivid reds that define the Roseville Silhouette.

Roseville Pottery – Patterns M-R – This group has the unique shaped Roseville Pottery Magnolia Brown Cider Pitcher.

Rookwood Pottery – If you've not seen the Rookwood Faience Pottery Pears on a Branch Tile, now's the time.  This exquisite tile measures 10" in height and is 6 ¾" wide. 

Van Briggle Pottery – Known for its many markings, this collection has something for everyone.

McCoy Pottery – Look for any of the McCoy Pottery Vases.  Each is beautiful in its own right.

Newcomb Pottery – The blues and greens set this collection apart.

Fulper Pottery – Elegant and refined are commonly used to describe Fulper Pottery.

Despite the foothold Roseville Pottery maintains, Grueby's arts and crafts style, and the contemporary styles of Ephraim and Door Pottery just missed the Top 10.

Donna McGill

Record Sale Price for Ephraim Pottery Tile

A scarce Ephraim Faience Pottery River Falls tile sold recently sold on eBay for what is believed to be a record price of $510. 

Ephraim Pottery discontinued making tiles in 2004.  Records show approximately 30 different tiles were produced although I suspect there are other experimental or non-standard product development tiles out there.

The River Falls tile was discontinued in 2004 after a production run of 234 pieces.  The tile originally retailed for $58.  It is a very beautiful and highly decorative piece and not a bad return on your investment.   

Ephraim tile

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Greg Myroth – Just Art Pottery