The Weller Flemish Art Pottery

Weller Pottery just might be in the top three lines of American art pottery when it comes to versatility. There are more than 85 lines in what’s referred to as the “middle period”, not to mention the more than 20 lines in the early period. With so many variations, one can imagine the creativity necessary to ensure a unique look and feel to each one. Weller Pottery is proof it can be done. In recent years, there’s been a healthy interest in this Zanesville pottery and as a result of that demand, the price to own it has grown as well. Anyone who appreciates art pottery surely has their favorite Weller line. This week, we take a look at the Weller Flemish.

Rudolph Lorber was the designer who introduced this eclectic line in the early 1900s. It was produced until around 1928 and is recognized by its outdoor themes, such as fishermen, birds, leaves and flowers. This just might be one of the most versatile Weller lines. There are no consistent colors, unlike many other pottery companies; to the untrained collector, it might be a bit difficult to differentiate from other Weller Pottery pieces.

For instance, a Flemish jardiniere and pedestal might have an ivory background that’s contrasted with deep pink four-petal flowers or it could very well have shades of red and blue in the form of birds and Zinia-type flowers in the background. The glazes are remarkable and the textures provide a dimension that’s not always a part of other Weller lines.

There are several umbrella stands in this particular collection, each with its own distinct presentation, including one that has ridges and elegant swirls with tiny red roses that set off the decorative efforts for a more feminine look, though is unmarked. Still another umbrella stand reveals a series of graceful women, each in an ivory dress, and holding vines of purple flowers (wisteria, perhaps?). The raised elements add a certain depth and the glazing is semi-matte; this one happens to be marked.

If you come across a Weller Flemish piece, odds are, your going to be drawn to it. Each is beautiful in its own way and definitely worth owning.