The Unusual Weller Muskota Art Pottery

The Weller Muskota line of art pottery offers an unexpected presence, partly due to its large and varied offerings and partly because of its many themes.

Production on the Weller Muskota line began in mid-1915 and while there was no definitive theme or direction the artists chose, it still stands out as one of the more interesting Weller pottery lines. There were many glazes, color schemes and subjects that are covered, including animals, children and even the occasional abstract.

There are ribbons of several other Weller lines that appear to have served as inspiration. The Weller Brighton line, which also was introduced in 1915, might have inspired a few of the swans and flower frogs while the Copra, known for its lovely florals, very well could have lent to the line a more feminine touch.

It’s true this line doesn’t have the dramatic iridescent finish like the Weller Sicard, which is absolutely stunning, nor does it have the stunning high glossy finish found on the Weller Etna, but there’s no denying the eclectic appeal that draws new fans all the time.

There’s a whimsical double bud vase with two cats resting on the fence that links the vases. It’s an unusual choice, but the originality is part of its appeal. Also, there are several flower frogs, too. From a green-hued mushroom, complete with a fly resting on top to a muted red lobster flower frog, it could be said the charm is found in the unexpected. You’ll discover a figurine with a boy who’s fishing, a nude figure that rests against rocks, a pair of sweet chicks and no shortage of birds and cats.

If you’re a Weller Pottery fan, you already know the pull this line has and if you’re new to this particular American art pottery, be sure to explore the Weller Muskota line.