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Norse Pottery – Viking Bronzes to American Arts & Crafts: A Tradition Transplanted

Viking Bronzes to American Arts & Crafts: A Tradition Transplanted is a rare chance for art pottery PICT4200A enthusiasts to view a sizable display of Norse pottery.  From September 24 through November 30, 2008, the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will be hosting an exhibition of this scarce pottery from the American Arts and Crafts movement. 

Museum visitors will find a unique collection of pottery that was created by Thorwald Samson and Louis Ipson, two Danish immigrants, during the early twentieth century.  In 1903, Samson and Ipson opened their pottery company in Edgerton, Wisconsin.  Their work was based primarily on traditional Scandinavian designs.  They used the forms and motifs of ancient Scandinavian artifacts as inspiration for their Norse pottery.  Their matte, black, metallic glaze and occasional green and gold highlights give their pieces the distinctive look of antiquity.

Guests who are visiting the Norse pottery exhibit will have two opportunities to attend visual presentations at Villa Terrace. On Sunday, October 12, Dr. Sheryl Samuelson will give a presentation entitled Norse Pottery: Viking Bronzes as American Arts & Crafts.  Dr. Samuelson is a prominent collector and pioneer researcher of this unique pottery.

On Sunday, October 26, guest-curator Nicol Knappen will give a presentation entitled European Elements of American Art Pottery.  In addition to being a former editor of the Journal of American Art Pottery Association, Knappen is a founding member and past president of the Wisconsin Pottery Association.  She will be sharing information about the origins of Norse Viking designs, which can be traced back to the Stone Age.

The Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 1:00 to 5:00 P.M.  Admission is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for seniors and students.  Children and museum members are free. 

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Natzler Pottery Currently on Display

If you're going to be in Portland sometime between now and January 25, 2009 you're in for a treat.  The DSC_4825 Museum of Contemporary Craft is hosting an exhibit entitled The Ceramics of Gertrud and Otto Natzler.  The nearly 100 pottery pieces on display are from several private collections and West Coast museums.  Altogether, the items represent a range of forms that the Natzlers created over the course of many years.
The magical combination of Gertrud's forms and Otto's glazes earned the couple attention and accolades from almost the very beginning of their partnership.  Just four years after they began exhibiting their pottery, the Natzlers won a silver medal at the 1937 World Exposition in Paris.  When German occupation forced them to flee Austria, they quickly opened for business in Southern California. 

The Ceramics of Gertrud and Otto Natzler exhibit includes the viewing of two documentaries, The Ceramic Art of the Natzlers, Artists of the World Series (1966) and Earth, Fire, Water and Wind: The Ceramics of Otto Natzler (1992).  This is a rare opportunity to see the Natzlers at work in their studio and hear them tell about their ideas, processes, and products in their own words.

The museum has also posted an audio podcast of a lecture by Otto Natzler on their website  The lecture was originally delivered at this same museum in 1975 along with a retrospective entitled Natzler Ceramics.

In order to demonstrate the influence that the Natzlers' work has on ceramics today, there are are selected vessels on display by two contemporary artists, Jeremy Briddell and Adam Silverman.  The entire exhibit is open each week Tuesday through Sunday from 11:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., with a late closing of 8:00 P.M. on Thursdays.  For more information, contact the Museum of Contemporary Craft at 503.223.2654 or online.  There is a detailed, illustrated brochure about the Natzlers and the exhibit at

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Seagrove Area Potters Association

Since the late 1700s, the Seagrove area of North Carolina has been an important pottery center.  Today, there are close to 100 active potteries in this region, and many of them have joined together to form the Seagrove Area Potters Association (SAPA).
The Seagrove area is not limited to the small town of Seagrove itself.  The SAPA members are potters who live and work in Randolph, Moore, and Montgomery counties in central North Carolina.  Several of them are located along NC Hwy 705, giving the road its nickname of "Pottery Road." 
Another pottery hotspot in the Seagrove area is Busbee Road, which is named after Jacques and Juliana Busbee. This couple is credited with bringing national, and even world-wide, attention to Seagrove pottery in the early twentieth century.  The pottery created in the Seagrove area during this time was well-known in galleries and shops across the country, and it is still highly collectible.  Ever since the Busbees came to town, Seagrove has had a reputation for creative, unique, high-quality pottery.
From to the elegant stoneware platters of Thomas Pottery to the folk art face jugs of Crystal King Pottery, the members of the SAPA represent many different styles and art forms.  Quite a few of them are from pottery families who have worked with clay for generations.  David Garner of Turn and Burn Pottery, for example, comes from a family whose pottery lineage dates back 300 years.
If you’re looking for an up close, personal experience with the pottery making process, a tour of the Seagrove area potteries is an ideal opportunity.  The potters of the Seagrove area welcome visitors, and the SAPA helps tourists plan their visits.  The SAPA website and Visitor’s Guide list hours of operation and other important information about local potters.

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Seagrove Potters Celebration

The Seagrove area of North Carolina has a rich pottery history, with one of the largest communities of potters in the United States. This year, more than 60 of those potters have joined together to organize an event to showcase both the traditional and contemporary pottery of the area.  Celebration of Seagrove Potters will take place at the historic Luck’s Cannery from November 21-23, 2008.
Celebration of Seagrove Potters is a three day pottery show and sale that will begin at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, November 21 with a gala event.  Tickets to the opening night gala will be $35. The ticket price includes food, drink, entertainment, and the opportunity to preview and purchase pottery.  There will also be a chance to bid on one-of-a-kind collaborative pieces created by teams of local potters. Some of these pieces can be previewed on the event’s website.  Auction proceeds will be donated to a local charity.
The show will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 22 and from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 23. Guests will be able to purchase pottery, meet the artists, and view demonstrations.  To add to the festive atmosphere, there will be music, food, and even activities for the kids.
The event’s location in itself is an interesting piece of North Carolina history. Luck’s Cannery was a major part of the Seagrove community from 1947 until 2002.  The Luck’s warehouse where the event will take place is located just south of Seagrove on NC Highway 705, know to locals as Pottery Highway.
There will truly be something for everyone at this event.  It’s a great opportunity for avid collectors as well as those who are just curious about pottery.  For more information, or for purchasing gala tickets, visit or send an email to

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