Just Art Pottery Website Upgrade

Over the next couple of months we will be updating and redesigning the Just Art Pottery website.  Prior to initiating the redesign, we would be interested in hearing from customers regarding any features of our website that users find particularly useful or issues with our site that you are less than satisfied with.  Also if you are aware of particular features or options that would enhance the functionality and ease of shopping on our website, please let me know and I will pass that information on to our design team.

Some recent comments/ideas we have received from our pottery friends include:

  • Provide a method to maintain a database of customer want lists
  • Provide an affiliate and/or referral program
  • Enhance the site’s search features to make it easier to find new inventory additions
  • Add inventory numbers to our pottery to make phone orders easier
  • Put more items on sale!

I am looking forward to your feedback both positive and negative!

Greg Myroth – Just Art Pottery

Resuming Regular Blog Posts

I want to say thanks for all the positive feedback we have received on our art pottery blog.  Several of you have been asking about my reduced frequency of blog posts over the last month or so.  As some of our regular customers may know, in addition to running Just Art Pottery I also work as a consulting engineer and just this winter took on the rewarding position as assistant girl’s varsity basketball coach for a local Peoria high school.  The high school coaching position is in addition to my 5th grade girls travel basketball team which practices almost year round and which I have had the pleasure of coaching for the last year and a half.      

As the girl’s high school basketball season has wrapped up, I anticipate resuming a more regular blog posting schedule.  Also, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have ideas for blog topics or would like to contribute an article to the site.  It is truly my hope over the next year that the blog will be more interactive with reader contribution and feedback.

Greg Myroth

Interior Redesign

If you are decorating challenged like me or just struggle with the best way to display your antiques or collectibles, this article on services provided by interior redesigners might be just what you are looking for.  The article discusses services provided by interior designers who focus on decorating by rearranging your existing furniture, art, and accessories. 

Marie Kinnaman of interior-redesign-exchange.com states in the article "Before you spend a dime on anything new, I say let’s do the very best with what you have."  In addition to coordinating the website, Ms. Knnaman was also an early guest on the HGTV series "Decorating Cents."

The article recommends the following websites for additional interior decorating tips and resources:

Greg Myroth – Decorate with Art Pottery

Paypal Tips and Phone Number

As most everyone knows, PayPal is the largest and fastest growing online payment service.  The company has grown from its beginning days as method of making payments for eBay auctions via email to an acceptable payment method for many retail websites including such recognized names as Dell, iTunes, and Walgreens. 

A recent Wall Street Journal article offered a couple of tips which I thought were beneficial for both new and experienced paypal users as noted below.

1.  Unless you are familiar with your merchant, PayPal users should strongly consider using the credit card option for paying for purchases. It is important to note that if you give paypal your bank account information, the service will default to pulling money out of your bank account rather than charging your credit card.   While PayPal offers some level of buyer protection, it is a much more difficult process to obtain a refund through Paypal than simply disputing the charge through your credit card company.

2.   Rather than funding your PayPal account through your checking account consider using a debit card instead of your bank.

3.  Never click on any link in an email that purports to be from PayPal.  Always go directly to PayPal’s home page to access your account.

4.  Finally, I bet you didn’t know PayPal has a toll free number that’s worth writing down for future reference:  800-854-1366.

Greg Myroth

Mollring Roseville Pottery Price Guide Listing Mishap

Those of you that know Lana and I will appreciate this story… it kind of ranks right up there with the time I forgot the pins for the shelves at the APEC pottery show or when I forgot the back supports for the shelves at last year’s Wisconsin Pottery Show.  Both of which events left our pottery displays for the shows looking a little less than ideal. 

Anyway those are past issues, so back to the point at hand.   Early Friday morning I was trying to get the recently updated 2006 Gloria Mollring Roseville Pottery Collector’s Price Guide listed on our website and send out our email newsletter notifying customers of the addition of the latest Roseville estate collection to our inventory.  I really wanted to include Gloria and Jim’s new book in the newsletter since it has been such a popular resource for Roseville collectors over the years.  Pict3720_2

As many of you know, Lana normally handles listing items on the website but Friday morning she was unavailable (because she was sleeping at 5:00AM like most normal people) so I thought I would take it upon myself to list the book!  In my infinite wisdom I thought I would list the book not only in our online pottery bookstore but also in our Roseville Pottery categories so the book would get a little more exposure since I knew so many customers would be excited to see it.  Well as I’m listing the book and when I should have been thinking I wonder why Lana doesn’t do it this way I was thinking boy I will have to tell Lana about my great idea of listing in two categories. 

So, I get the listing completed and send the newsletter and I’m sitting back thinking that was a job well done and in record time. About 5 minutes later, I get my first email questioning why I was charging $14 for shipping a book!  I quickly realized I had a problem on my hands!  It turns out when I added the book to our pottery category the site assumes it was a vase and was trying to add $14 for shipping.  Unfortunately, since I included the listing in our newsletter it wasn’t something I could easily correct at that point without creating more confusion. So I have been fielding emails explaining the issue and trying to direct customers to the correct 2006 Gloria Mollring Roseville Price Guide listing on the website.

The best thing about all this is, just like when I forgot the components for shelving for the pottery shows I never once heard that "I can’t believe you did that" from Lana.  She must really be a sweetheart or maybe she’s just used to this sort of thing from me by now!

Greg Myroth – I promise to leave the pottery listing to Lana!