Roseville Pottery Candle Holders

Oh, the holidays – we don’t know about you, but we can smell the turkey and dressing and many of us are already studying our Roseville Pottery collections to determine which pieces will grace our holiday meal tables. Candle holders are an absolute necessity around here. In fact, it’s not unusual to choose the tablecloth, dinner ware and yes, even salt and pepper shakers around the Roseville candle sticks. This year, at least at my table, I’ve decided to go full traditional. And that equates to choosing pieces from the Roseville Pottery Pine Cone collection.

If you’ve not seen the double candle holders that are part of the Roseville Pine Cone collection, you’re missing out. There is a set available now that’s in mint condition. They measure 5 inches in height and are 4 1/4 inches wide. Part of the beauty in these candlesticks is found in the double holders on each piece. The deep orange and brown combination, along with the pine cone in the middle of each candle holder are indicative of everything that represents Fall weather. The interior of the holders have a glossy blue finish. This would be lovely on any table, but they just seem especially fitting for Thanksgiving. Also, there are other pieces that are part of this collection that make fine centerpieces, too.

Have you considered Roseville Pottery Freesia as an option? This pattern offers up that deep blue which is a great choice for the holidays. It easily coordinates with other traditional fall colors and the the Freesia Blue candle holders have a nice height – 5 inches, as a matter of fact, that works well with a more formal table setting. The small double loop handles add to the overall beauty, too and the small yellow flowers that adorn the center and base of the holders are an ideal finishing touch.

Finally, there is a lovely set of Roseville Pottery Moss Blue candle holders available now. These aren’t easily located; indeed, this was a rare find. The lighter blue and green combinations are beautiful and the design elements, including a flared out center, will draw attention. Imagine a pair of navy blue taper candles in this set – the sky’s the limit and the colors and hues make it easy to incorporate nearly any color you choose.

These are just a few of our suggestions, of course, but if you do incorporate your Roseville Pottery into your holiday decor, we’d love to see photos!

Passing on the Roseville Pottery Appreciation

I never thought I’d look at people younger than me and think of them in terms of the “younger generation”. That’s what

Roseville Azurean

grandparents do! But, after hanging out with my best friend’s sixteen year-old daughter this weekend, I’m beginning to differentiate the generations.

After getting completely flustered with only half of her attention for the most part of the afternoon (those pesky cells and their texting features!), I finally said, “OK, sunshine…here’s what we’re going to do. Put that phone away and let me show you a few things that you just might appreciate one day.” Of course, that was met with a roll of the eyes and a reluctant and rather drawn out “OK”.

I pointed to a few pieces of my favorite Roseville Pottery patterns. “What do you see, Sam?” After a pause, she said, “I don’t know. A bowl with a bunch of holes in the top of it.” Taking a deep breath and resisting the urge to roll my own eyes, I began explaining to her what a flower frog is. I explained how they’ve traditionally been used to hold flower arrangements in place. Before long, I had her attention and began telling her different “Roseville stories”.

I showed her a few wall pockets I have arranged on my living room wall. She asked what purpose they served. I think her exact words were, “Yeah, it’s pretty. But what does it do?” She’s a lovely girl who appreciates lovely jewelry, so I used that to my benefit. I said, “Wouldn’t this be pretty hanging on the wall just above your jewelry box to hold the rings you wear every day?” She particularly liked the Roseville Freesia.

From there, we moved on the different glazes and beveling efforts that really set Roseville apart. I explained to her what a jardiniere and pedestal were and before long we were on the Just Art Pottery website going over window boxes, vases and candle holders.

Two hours later, she had sweet talked me out of one of my favorite wall pockets and had an understanding of the importance of American art pottery. I wasn’t the least bit surprised when she announced Roseville Azurean is her new favorite. That kid loves blue. Her bedroom is blue, blue is the primary color of the high school she attends and I have a strong sense that I’m going to be investing in pieces from this beautiful line for birthdays and Christmas – and I couldn’t be happier.

What was most important, though, is I started out with a typical teen who could care less about a flower frog and by the time it was over, texting was the last thing on her mind and she walked away with the seed planted and a new appreciation for art – specifically, Roseville pottery. Will this be an everyday thing with her? Of course not. What I hope, though, is that it will encourage her to broaden her horizons, develop her own passion for the real beauty in the world and hopefully, serve as something that she equates to time spent with me when she’s older.