Just Art Pottery New Inventory

By now, many Just Art Pottery clients head straight to the new inventory page on the website. It’s where collectors get a head start on finding those rare pieces they might have been seeking for years or they might find an unexpected gem. If you’ve not visited the New Additions page, here’s what you’re missing:

Cambridge Pottery Vase

This classic Cambridge Pottery vase is representative of everything that defined the American art pottery company; the glossy brown glaze being the most obvious. This vase stands 6” tall and is 4” wide. It’s in mint condition and that classic glossy glaze is emphasized with the floral pattern in rich hues of gold and orange. The shape itself adds to the appearance as it has a slight narrowing midway down the design. If you’re a Cambridge Pottery fan, this is a remarkable addition to any collection.

Door Pottery Art Deco Vase 

This is another must-see for anyone drawn to the more contemporary designs in this particular art sector. The matte glaze incorporates hues of brown, and at first glance, it could resemble wood. It’s a classic Door Pottery design, indicative of the art deco model it’s so well known for.

If you’re a collector of the traditional Zanesville potters and haven’t really considered some of the more modern lines, Door Pottery is a fine place to start. Admittedly, I have always been drawn to McCoy pieces and several Roseville patterns, but over the past year or so, I’ve found a new appreciation for these art deco lines and I can’t help but wonder why it took me so long to “discover” it.

Ephraim Faience “Black Bears in a Cave” Vase 

At first glance, unless you’re an avid Ephraim Faience collector, you might not recognize this vase as part of its collection. Of course, the attention to detail, the truly artistic ways the hues reflect off of the others and just the presentation in general gives it away. This vase is 10 ¼” tall and at its widest is 6 ½” wide.  There are a few other Ephraim Faience pieces available on the New Additions page, as well.

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Just Art Pottery New Arrivals

Have you checked out our New Products page lately? If not, you’re missing out on more than a few unique pieces from several well known and respected pottery makers. Here are just a few of the newer additions ready for you to select and call your very own.

Jesse Wolf is a more contemporary artist and one who spent time as an Ephraim Faience potter. He really is considered one of the most talented artists in the sector. The Jesse Wolf Pottery No Fishing Vase offers a deep blue base with a a whimsical black cat peeking into the vase. The blue, along with being contrasted with the black cat, also has a burst of gold via the “No Fishing” sign that’s slightly askew and adds a bit of dimension. The vase is marked “Jesse Wolf” and “2009”. It measures 4” in height and is 7 1/4” tall. It’s a modern piece that would make an impressive addition to any collection.

This next new arrival is definitely a must-have for those who appreciate all that McCoy Pottery symbolizes. The 1940s McCoy Butterfly Lavender Vase is in excellent condition with factory roughing on the base ring. There’s also a slight firing flaw, though it’s absent any chips, repairs, cracks or other damage. This feminine vase’s decorative efforts are slightly raised, presenting a nice texture. It measures 6 1/4” in height and is 3” wide.

The Muncie Pottery High Glaze Vase has that glossy appearance that is always a sure thing on more contemporary art pottery pieces. You’ll appreciate the smaller neck that graduates down and eventually narrows again before the base widens once again. With hues of golds and browns, this is a lovely piece that will coordinate easily with your other art pottery. It’s in excellent condition with no chips, damage, cracks or repairs. It’s 8 1/2” tall and as mentioned, is varied in its widths.

As always, these are just a few of the new additions Just Art Pottery has available right now; and too, you never know when those new items will arrive, so be sure to check back often.