Great Things Going on at Just Art Pottery

2011 has been a busy year for us here at Just Art Pottery. We continue to build the Just Art Pottery Auctions site. Since 1997, we have built Just Art Pottery and believe we have established ourselves well within the art pottery community. It was just a natural choice to offer a live online auction site. We’re having fun with it and we believe our bidders are too. If you haven’t visited the site, be sure to do so. You can click here.

We also have some incredible finds on the Just Art Pottery New Products page. Some of these pieces aren’t easily found, so we’re especially excited to include them in the inventory. Take a look:

There is an Aetco Faience Pottery tile we’ve just listed. This pretty tile depicts a woman as she holds ducks in her apron and is releasing them one by one into the duck pond at her feet. Shades of purple color her dress and hat while her ducks are yellow and white. A man is in the background watching on and a sign reveals they’re at the Take Inn. You’ll notice the back is marked and the ‘AETCO FAIENCE’ stamped in the center. The wood frame adds a nice earthy look.

Also, there’s a Cambridge Pottery Squat Vase that’s a new addition. The shape and dark glaze gives an elegant look to the design and it’s decorated with leaves and vines. There has been a repair to the chip of the rim, but there is no other damage or repair efforts of any kind. The vase measures 2 3/4” in height and is 5” wide. The bottom is marked with “CAMBRIDGE”, “C” and “23I”. The artist used the letters “CL” to sign the work.

As always, these are just a couple of the most recent additions. Be sure to browse the entire inventory of new arrivals. Don’t forget to check out the auction site, too.