Fulper Pottery Marks

Fulper produced art pottery from around 1900 to 1935.  A variety of marks were used by the company throughout its years of prodution.  The following provides examples of many of these marks as well as the approximate periods of use.Dsc9387

Large Fulper Rectangular Ink Mark

This mark was used from around 1909 until 1916. Two examples of this mark have been documented one with serif font the other without. 


Fulper Vasecraft Paper Label

Some examples of Fulper Pottery produced between 1909 and 1916 were marked with this paper label.  As shown the label typically has the form name and glaze.


Prang Rectangular Ink Mark

Between around 1913 and 1929 the Prang Art Supply Company sold Fulper Pottery.  Between 1913 and 1916 examples of Fulper Pottery sold by Prang were marked with the following mark.  After 1916, Fulper pottery sold by Prang was marked with the later Fulper stamp.


Raised Oval Fulper Mark

From around 1916 to 1922, Fulper used the following raised vertical trademarks.


Incised Fulper Mark

From around 1916 to approximately 1922, Fulper pottery used a incised stamp mark as noted below.  This mark is often found on some of Fulper’s better examples.


Oval Fulper Ink-Stamp Vertical Mark

From approximately 1922 to 1928, Fulper used the following ink stamp mark.  This mark is sometimes referred to as the "oval racetrack" mark by some collectors.


Later Fulper Stamp Mark

After 1928 until the end of art pottery production in 1935, Fulper pottery used a horizontal, impressed mark.  Typically the mark is accompanied with the shape number of the vase.


Other Fulper Pottery Marks

Fulper used a few other marks during its middle period of production.  Examples include the Rafco mark and the Flemington stamp.

Dscn9412 Dsc06053

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Greg Myroth


  1. Please describe the incised racetrack mark.

  2. An example of the incised Fulper mark is shown on the blue glazed vase. While the mark appears to be hand incised it was actually made with a stamp. This mark was used between 1916 and 1922 and is typically found on higher quality Fulper examples.

    The Fulper pottery mark that is commonly referred to as the “racetrack” mark is the black oval ink stamp shown on the lavendered glazed vase.

    Hope that helps.

    Greg Myroth

  3. Nice section. I’ve also seen a 125th anniversary paper label (1805-1930) with the racetrack inkstamp underneath. This would contradict your dating a bit but I’m sure there are exceptions.

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