Newcomb College Pottery Marks

Dsc0528_1 Newcomb pottery produced between 1901 to 1942 was marked with its own unique registration mark which provides easy dating of the pottery.  The unique registration system was fully deciphered by Walter Bob after over 2 years of extensive research.  The Newcomb dating system in its entirely can be seen in Newcomb Pottery & Crafts An Educational Enterprise for Women 1895-1940 by Jessie Poesch with Sally Main.

The registration mark on each piece of Newcomb pottery consists of a letter, or letter combination, and number (between 1 and 100).  For each letter designation 100 numbered pieces were produced.  Once you know the production year for the registration marks, it becomes quite easy to date Newcomb pottery.   The registration numbers can be found either stamped, incised, or painted on the bottom of the pottery. 

The following table summarizes the registration numbers by year for Newcomb pottery.

  • 1901 – A through F  (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter)
  • 1902 -G through W (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter)
  • 1903 – X through Z then AA, BB, etc. to NN (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter and letter combination)
  • 1904 – OO through ZZ then AA, AB, etc. through AE (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1905 – AF through AU (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1906 – AV through AZ then BA through BL (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1907 – BM through CC (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1908 – CD through CT (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1909 – CU through DL (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1910 – DM through ED (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1911- EF through EW (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1912 – EX through FP (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1913 – FQ through GI (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1914 -GJ through HA (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1915 – HB through HT (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1916 – HS through IM (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1917 – IN through JF (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1918 – JG through JX (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1919 – JY through KQ (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1920 – KR through LI (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1921 – LJ through MC (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1922 – MD through MW (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1923 – MX through NQ (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1924 – NR through OJ (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1925 – OK through PD (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1926 – PE through PX (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1927 – PY through QP (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1928 – QR through RI (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1929 – RJ through SA (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1930 – SB through SR (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1931 – ST through TK (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1932 – TL through UC (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1933 – UD through UT (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1934 – UV through VM (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1935 – VN through WE (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1936 – WF through WV (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1937 – WX through XP (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1938 – XQ through YG (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1939 – YH through YX (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1940 – YZ through ZQ (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination)
  • 1941 – ZR through ZY (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter)

Greg Myroth – Buying and Selling Newcomb Pottery


  1. patrick burchfield says:

    Was all Newcomb Pottery marked?

    • I have a Newcombe Pottery vase with the proper markings, 271 and KJ63 under it. I see from the chart that is 1919. That makes sense, since my grandmother received it as a wedding gift in 1921. However, there is a scrip,handwritten “S’ beside the NC mark. The vase has a tulip design with one tiny (pencil point) chip on the side (size 4″ tall and 5” wide). Is this a true Newcombe and does it have value?

  2. Robert Holmes says:

    I recently saw a vase at a flea market. Dealer claimed it was Newcomb College pottery. Had treesm aligator, and another animal on sides. The name Martin appeared on the putside lower edge. The bottom had a very rough N inside C scratched (incised ), but was very rough. Also had kind of a crown mark scratched on bottom with a forward and reverse F to the right and left of it. “CRAFT’D” appeared scrtached in just ahead of the scratched in crown. Was this authentic Newcomb?

  3. Robert,

    It doesn’t sound like the vase was an authentic Newcomb College Pottery.


  4. I have a set of plates with lattice edges depicted on each plate are single deer in winter with snow on the ground and fir type trees. The backs have incised N thru a C, no other marks. Is this real. They are both black shiny glazed plates with the painting in white of the deer and scenery.

  5. I bought a small vase in the shape of a tulip (I think) at a flea market. The bottom as the following markings: NC, with the N over the C, and under that KW1548. Is this a piece of Newcomb pottery?

  6. Elena,

    Your vase is likely not Newcomb Pottery. The Newcomb logo is a N inside a C. Also the registration numbers only go from 1 to 100. So KW1548 is not a mark that would be from Newcomb.

  7. I have a cup and saucer that is egg shell with tan lace borders, and yellow flowers. Painted on the bottom is D.Newcomb 75, but no other trademarks. Is it possible that they are Newcomb? I bought them from a thrift store.

  8. Phyllis,

    Your piece is not Newcomb pottery.

  9. Hello Greg,

    I am trying to identify a vase that has been in a family for a very long time. It does have the N insdie the C and the code JH49 which I have learned from your wonderful website is 1918. One of the family’s ancestors attended Newcomb about that time. However, I cannot find any markings to indicate who made the vase. There is writing in what looks like pencil. I cannot make out the first name but it looks like an “S”. Last name might be Wilkinson but not sure. Can you tell me what “cipher” means and if this vase should be signed by the artist. I have a picture of the vase and the bottom if you would like to see it. My role in this is too complicated to put in this blog but I will be happy to answer an e-mail from you if you wish to send one. Thanks so much,

  10. Dan Wilson says:

    Hi Gregg,
    I recently purchased a piece of pottery ,at auction, that I feel is definitely executed by a newcomb trained artist. However,it does not have the N within the C or any of the other marks. However, it does have what appears to be Sadie Irvines cipher (the S with the I
    in it or cursive S) very faintly incised. Its attributes measure up to my marked pieces when viewed through a loop.It is a matte blue finish coaster(?) with a circular stylized vine that appears
    to possibly be smilax buds and blossoms. I feel that if this were a forgery it would have all of the typical newcomb marks.
    Is there any way to definitively attribute it to Newcomb? Have you ever encountered a piece like this? I am currently trying to find the pattern. This pattern is consistent with Irvine’s style when compared to similar patterns. I would be greatfull for your opinion,and will be glad to send a picture.
    Thanks in advance,

  11. Edith Bernard says:

    I have a figurine of a little girl sitting astride a basket with a cat sitting on a hat beside her. On the bottom, there is a N inside the C. There are no numbers. Something or nothing?

  12. M. Teekell says:

    Where do I find out more information about a Newcomb Pottery vase which markings IJ47 indicate it was made in 1916? The artist’s markings are dated after that.
    Thank you,

  13. Wayne Cotton says:

    I bought a beautiful piece of pottery about l0 years ago in an auction in CT. It is quite unusual. It is an oblong shape about 9 inches in width. The dish has four people that are actually the feet of the dish. the people are holding the dish on their backs. That is, the 8 legs of the four people are what touches the table and the actual vessell is resting on their shoulders. on the under surface of the dish there is an N and C which are superimposed on one another. beneath the NC are four digits 6944. This doesn’t follow the number system ie. letter(s)/1-100 which I read about on the webite. so if it isn’t Newcomb pottery, can you tell me where I can learn about forgerys and how so many pieces of pottery have the NC inscribed on the back? Is this still being done today? or was there a period of time and a particular area of the country when and where these forgerys were produced?

  14. Rick Schlaud says:

    I purchased a vase of a girl picking grapes with a tree trunk, fruit basket, and flowers. It is almost 7 inches tall and has the “N” inside of a “C'” marked(incised) in the mold on the bottom. When I looked in my Kovels book of marks Newcomb College pottery had this mark. Is this an authentic piece of Newcomb College pottery? There are no other marks or writings I can see.

  15. Hello there I just bought what I was told is a piece of newcomb college pottery it has an “N” whith a “C” over it. is there an email address I can send pics to see if it is real it would relly help me out? thank you

  16. Jane Hayes says:

    Seeking values of inherited Newcomb pieces. Found your dating/marking info’ helpful.
    1. 5″H slim blue pitcher with fringe markings. Harriet Joor,1929
    2. 5″H by 7″W amber rounded vase with stylized pussy willows. Sadie Irvine, 1933
    3. 5 1/2″ blue elongated vase with typical mossy oaks. 1929. Marking pale, possibly backward p

  17. I am reading these post and i see many people are describing figurines with a incised sometimes embossed N on top of a C or even sometimes a N inside a C or a NC or a CN. These are Japan pieces from the 1940s to 50s, they are usually made of a thick porcelain and are of low quality, some think it stands for Camille Naudot a old french porcelain artist but Naudot had a printed mark usually found in blue. These companies from Japan that have the NC mark are sometimes Andrea, Arnart, Ucago, Lefton, and about several others. They are not to be confused with the high quality of “Newcomb” art pottery!

  18. Judy Miskill says:

    We have a 1903 (Y94 AA) Oak, Moss & Moon vase in perfect condition that has an additional mark that looks something like two small parallel, although unequal in length, lines. Is this the potters or artists mark ? What reference might tell us the meaning ? Thank you. (I contacted you not so long ago before knowing the markings. Grandma Dot is insisting she wants the vase listed on eBay.)

  19. Desiree Schellinger says:

    I recently found a vase in a thrift shop. It is signed S. SIMON and has the date 1918 in the bottom. It is carved with trees and leaves and is in blues and greens. Just beautiful. Could it be Newcomb?
    Thanks for your help,

  20. says:

    Estate sale pottery , shiny black large pot with russet/gold drippy/exploded pattern,almost metal looking gold in some spots, signed newcomb in same earthy color at bottom, I know most likely not a NC product- but very high quality,I remember seeing this type befor years ago,any other newcomb

  21. Hi. I have an what appears to be early-to mid 20th century, 6″ tall x 5″ diameter, olive green glazed bulbous, ribbed neck, loop handle, with a what looks like wheat borderware design around the top of the jug. It has a signature underneath the handle that looks like Frillier, Griffin, Prillin, something with 2 L’s in it. It’s quite lovely but not sure of the worth. Help?

  22. Roberta Gibson says:

    I have a Newcomb pottery it is truly beautiful.It’s marking has C
    around N. It has LW68 and other markings. I’ve had it for 45 years. I want to sell it but have no clue about how to go about it. The color is blue and lighter blue.It is floral,bulb botton and size 3 1/2″T, 3″bottom and 2″ top. perfect
    condition. I would like to sell it privately. Could you give me a contact name? Also I would like any other advise. Thank You

  23. ellen marrs says:

    I have a piece of pottery that has an orange cat holding up a trash bag. Looks like it could be pencil holder. None of the marks I’ve read about are on the bottom. Instead it has “Newcomb Inc Roselle NJ” with a C in a circle. Any information would be very helpful.

  24. I have a shallow bowl measuring about 6″ wide. Marks on bottom are:
    N inside a C, IT98, incised are: .M
    and number 108 and [B]

    Could this be Newcomb from 1917?
    and what do marks signify?

    Thanks, Brent

  25. mike williams says:

    we have a Maude Robinson Newcomb piece with a date code CP-57 for 1908. But it also has an incised letter W. Is the W for 1902. The pottery also incised JM for the potter Josheph Myers plus the NC Newcomb pottery Mark. Thanking you in advance

  26. I am helping an elderly man with his treasures and he has a small vase with an upside down rose applied to it. it has lovely matt finish and as I said small in size. I am starting with your site in my search and look forward to hearing about this vase.
    any information will be exciting!

  27. Bryan Chick says:

    I have several items that resemble Newcomb College but do not have the NC symbol or numbers. They have one of 3 markings: JM, JM over a feather, and JSM over a feather. all are hand written into the pottery base before firing. I have been told these may be made by Joseph Meyer of Newcomb College but have been unable to verify. I can send pictures if necessary. Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

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