Teco Pottery Marks

It has been reported that every piece of Teco pottery was originally marked with a paper label Pict4473containing the name of the designer and the pottery, as well as the model number and price of the vase.  However, it is rare to find a Teco vase today that still retains its original paper label. 

Many Teco vases were stamped at least once with the Teco trademark and it is not unusual to find vases double and even triple stamped. Teco was also routinely marked with the shape number in addition to the trademark.  Later examples of Teco ware were marked with the word "Teco" in a rectangle.  The following photos provide examples of typical Teco pottery marks. 

Dsc6693 Dsc8521Pict0820

Greg Myroth

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  1. b roland swanson says:

    I for one (being a novice) really appreciate Just art pottery website. Not only can you purchase but you really can learn and easily know what is in “vogue” today. The website has been very informative and has been a help in my “collecting”. THANKS

    b roland

    • I have an vase of arts and crafts style with a carved iris motif on front , the back of the iris carved on the opposite side. It has two art deco small handles near the base. There are no markings except 910 on the bottom. Looks like roseville or tech style matte glaze. any ideas?

  2. I love your website also. I purchased a vase with roseville 63-12″ handwritten on the bottom. I do not think it is roseville. It is a very beautiful cream or ivory color with cherubs on each side with large handles. It is 131/2″ tall and very heavy. I did not see anything on your website that looked like this. I need help to identify this piece. THANKS

  3. I bought two pieces of pottery at a small antique store in Georgia. They are both high quality pottery, one has a T pressed in a circle at the base and at the handle of the jug it has a CT also in a circle the next pottery has a marking of 2 large cs turned back to back and between the cs is what looks like a small seven or small t. pls help to identify. thank you

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