Frederick Rhead – Zanesville Art Center Exhibit

Those of you heading to Zanesville next month for the annual Pottery Lover’s Convention will want to check out the Zanesville Art Center Special Exhibit titled The Remarkable RheadsPict4298_2 The Exhibit runs from June 30 – September 3, 2007 and features the antique pottery created by Frederick Hurten Rhead and his brother Harry.  The exhibit will also include English art deco ceramics as well as book illustrations and fine art prints.  The Remarkable Rheads exhibit will include works from the Zanesville Art Center’s collection as well as art ware on loan from the Erie Art Museum, Western Reserve Historical Society, and the Ohio Historical Society.

Frederick Rhead came to the United States in 1902 and went to work for Vance Avon Faience Company for a short period of time.  He left Vance Avon in 1903 to begin a brief stay at Weller Pottery.  While at Weller Pottery, Frederick Rhead introduced the Weller Jap Birdimal line.  Between 1904 and 1908, Frederick Rhead was art director at Roseville Pottery.  During Rhead’s time at Roseville, he developed the highly sought after Della Robbia line.  Frederick Rhead was also a designer and decorator at University City Pottery, Arequipa, William Jervis Pottery, Rhead Pottery, and Homer Laughlin China Company where he introduced the Fiesta dinnerware line.  An example of Rhead Pottery recently set a record sale price for art pottery at auction

When Frederick Rhead left Roseville in 1908 he was succeeded by his brother Harry Rhead.  Roseville Pauleo and Aztec are among the more notable patterns introduced by Harry Rhead.  Frank Ferrell replaced Harry Rhead as Roseville Pottery art director in 1918. 

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